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Changed Life//5SOS

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Renee Reynolds is 17 years old and is a massive fan of the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer. Ever since she discovered them her life has been so much better. For many years Renee has been bullied for being Adopted and poor. Her foster parents can't afford nice clothes for her, food or school supplies, but Renee always thinks it’s better than living in an orphanage. One Day she sees on twitter a competition to meet 5 Seconds of Summer, all she had to do was write why she loved them. She entered thinking she wouldn't win but when she does her life changes forever.

Who's her brother? Who does she fall in love with? Will she even be allowed to love? Read to find out!

If you have wattpad why not check it out on there? Username is @xx_calumhood

Renee P.O.V

"Get out of bed and get ready for school" my mum yelled to me.

I just pull the covers back over my head and start worrying about stupid things like I always do. It was my first day back at school and it was my final year, all I could think about was: What are they going to say today? Are they going to hurt me again? Would they just leave me alone? Suddenly my thoughts were cancelled by my mum pulling my nice warm duvet off me. How dare she!

"Hey, what are you doing?" I screech at her. "No-one takes my duvet off me!"

"Rey, it’s your first day back at school! Don't be late!" she warned storming out and slamming my door. That women really needs to learn how to calm down!

I slowly got up (with a lot of effort) and put my blue skinny jeans on and my grey 5SOS sweatshirt. Yes I love 5 Seconds of Summer! Who doesn't? I just left my hair down it was naturally straight anyway, I really couldn't be bothered with anything today, I had too much on my mind to worry about what I looked like.

I head downstairs to be greeted with my Mum holding my school bag and pushing me out the door. "Why thanks mum! Love you too" I mumble under my breath. She couldn't get rid of me sooner.

"EW look at her clothes, Just go back to the streets where you belong!" I hear a girl shout at me. I just shook my head and continued to turn the corner into the school gates. My questions from this morning were answered...

I saw Maddie waving at me with a big cheesy smile. She is so embarrassing but she is my best friend, my only friend.

"Hey Rey! What's up? Maddie says to me with a concerned look on her face. Somehow Maddie always knew when something was getting me down.

"Nothing" I say giving her a fake smile. I lied everything was wrong! My life is a complete disaster. I am adopted and don't know who my parents are, my foster mum can't afford nice clothes for me and someone had to comment on my clothes and bring all these thoughts back into my mind. My mental rambling was stopped when Maddie turned to me and said

"See you last lesson then! Maths yay!" She said sarcastically. We both hate maths it is the worse lesson ever! Mr.Dickhead always shouts at me for something stupid or for something I didn't do! He really doesn't like me. But at least I have Mads to fangirl over 5 Seconds of Summer with. She loves them but I think it’s because of Michael, she adores him so much!


"Miss Reynolds" I hear a voice shout at me. Yes I knew it was Mr.Dickhead, I just didn't want to listen to him!

SHIT I fell asleep again!

"Sorry Sir, I am just tired bec-"

"I don't want to hear it, now get back to work!" Mr.Dickhead said glaring at me. If looks could kill I would be dead right now.

He did not just do that! No-one interrupts me Mr.Dickhead! His actual name was Mr.Thomas but me and Mads came up with Mr.Dickhead after he gave us a detention for talking. I catch Maddie looking at me and she just starts laughing...

"WHAT MADDIE" I yell at her getting annoyed! She jumps a little a says

"You have a bit of dribble on your face" That’s embarrassing, I quickly wipe it off and mouth "thanks" to her.

"You were dreaming of Calum Hood. Weren't you?" Mads says to me. I just smile, my face turning red. Yes, Calum Hood is my ultimate love! Maddie starts to laugh and so does the rest of the class.

"Shit did I just say that out loud?" I whispered to Maddie. She just nods, continuing to laugh.


Saved by the bell I guess! I get up and head to Mads and she just smiles and says

"Tweet me when you get home, Sleepy head!"

I just nod in reply and walk home.


I go straight to my room and log into twitter so I can tweet Mads. I scroll through some tweets and I was just about to tweet Mads when I read that 5SOS was doing a competition to meet them all I had to do was tweet why I love them in less than 140 characters the closing date was today. Easy I do it all the time. It will just be like another tweet to them...I knew I wasn't going to win but hey let's enter anyway!

@Rey_Reynolds: @5SOS You're my world, my sun, my moon, and everything between them. You are my life-savers <3 That’s why I love you! x

I was quite surprised at how long it took me to think of that. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

@Rey_Reynolds: @MadslovesMichael Hey did you enter the @5SOS comp? x

@Maslovesmichael: Yeah but I sorta made it about Michael WOOPS!

Trust mads to do that! She adores Michael, he is cute but my soft spot is Calum. He is so cute, funny, squishy and-

I hear the notification sound. @5SOS followed you! I thought this was a joke at first but I clicked on it and there was the big blue tick!

My heart started to race and I said to myself Do not scream. Do not Scream Fuck it I just screamed really loudly and my mum ran in. "What happened"

"5SOS FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! THEY....THEY ATCUALLY FOLLOWED ME!" I stutter out. I saw the roll of my mums eyes as she walked out. Does she not know what this means to me GOD! I was about to dm mads to tell her when...

@5SOS: @Rey_Reynolds Glad to announce you are our winner! We will dm you shortly x

What I won? Surely it’s a mistake?

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