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Kidnapped by 1D

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You're kidnapped by 5 British boys. Drama ensues!

You're walking down the street with your earphones in, Drake crooning Hotline Bling. A blonde haired man pulls up next to you, and whistles. You ignore him and he starts driving next to the curb at the same pace you are walking. You try and ignore him, but he keeps wolf-whistling and making stupid comments. At last, you whip round and yank out an earphone, "Excuse me?" ."Indeed" the bleach blonde remarks, licking his lips as he rakes his eyes over your body, "Excuse you, for being so damn hot". You hear cackling from the back of the car, only imagining his mates are in there too. You huff and frown, walking to the car and bending down to his eye level. "What do you want?" you spit, cutting right to the chase. He whistles yet again, eyes dropping to your bust "Hm keep bending down love and we'll make progress". You furrow your eyebrows and slap him across the cheek with your ring binders. The sound reverberates and next thing he's yelling at his mates, who all faithfully climb out of the car and nab you, each grabbing a limb of yours. They press you up against the car exterior, your binders and bag falling to the gravelly road. The blonde man steps out, smirks and taps your arse with his hand. You growl in reply and he giggles, playfully holding his hands up in surrender. A brunette, all buffed and brown-eyed who anyone would fall for (provided he wasn't a fucking pedophile) pipes up "Niall let's leave her, yeah?" "Yeah mate" the raven haired lad adds, "Don't want to get into trouble again".
Again? Your heart sinks. They could have a criminal record -- they could be rapists or murders .
'Niall' simply grins, "Well lads, there's a reason we take these pretty things back home". The green eyed one with hair longer than yours darts his tongue out to lick his lips. "Yeah - besides, we've won and we need the trophy now" You flare up at this, the mere thought
of being used pissing you off. "Let me go you fucking idiots"
Raven hair laughs, attitude changing, "Babe you have to be lesbian not to want to want us lads". You sneer "Yeah, and you're all gay as well, so common pride huh?". Piercing eyes flicks his feathery hair off his forehead and twists the wrist of yours he has a tight hold off. You bite your lip, eyes scrunching up in pain as he continues. Raven hair harshly twists your face to face them, a deep smirk on his face. "Niall" has the audacity to subtly grab hold of his crotch. Your eyes start to water and you squeak "Let go" weakly. The brunette immediately let's go, turning to smirk victoriously at his other mates.
The buffed one still looks unsure, but doesn't speak up even as Raven hair hoarsely whispers a "Let's take her to the den, lads".


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626 days ago
if u dont wanna get kidnapped just say ¨ïmma lesbian¨ lucky i actually am >:D
641 days ago
Please make a part 2! Love the story :)
662 days ago
Niki, I total think u should do a part 2 because it is amazayn
1394 days ago
So I think you should do a part 2!this is amazing. Love you. Byeeeeee
1432 days ago
PART 2!!! PART 2!!! PART 2!!!
2569 days ago
I really think u should make a part 2. I really want to read what happens next incredibly badly! This amazing work!!!
2570 days ago
This is really good! But I think that you should continue the story to where they bring the girl to the den and then say what they do to her and if they ever let her go. Just a suggestion.