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History Class

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First day of school. Diane was so nervous, but on top of that what will happen when a young popstar joins her history class?

    This is my story
    I got up from the warm comfortable bed. It was so soft and nice.
    My arms reached for the ceiling as I stretched my back. I opened my eyes and stared at the wall with a smile on my face. Diego came jumping up on my bed and started licking my face, and I started laughing. "This year is gonna be better" I promised myself. I put my hair up in a bun and started putting on the clothes I had already picked out the day before, and walked to the bathroom to put on make-up. When I was done applying the "war paint" I walked downstairs. Diego followed. Mom was already awake. She was making eggs and the entire kitchen smelled lovely. I walked over to pack my lunch. Mom came with the eggs as I sat at the table. She gave me a peaceful smile. Even though this summer had been rough, because of dad leaving, she was still happy, I certainly had the best mom in the world. We didn't say much to each other, but when I left for the bus she said: "Have a nice day baby. I love you"
    I smiled and replied: "I love you too, mom." Nothing could ruin my mood.
    It was a sunny day in mid Florida. I walked out of the little fence gate and away from our little neighborhood. Dad wasn't on my mind, I didn’t really miss him. He had always ignored me anyways.
    I got in the bus and saw a few of my friends, and walked over to them. Sally was my best friend, but she wouldn't stop talking about this Daniel guy. Apparently he was this sixteen year old singer. He lived in L.A. but decided to move back to Florida. No one knows why. I didn't really know much about him, other than he was coming to the highschool I was going to. Sally's face was full of joy when I saw her. It made me smile, 'cause I like seeing her smile. On our way to the school she talked and talked. When we finally got there we got handed out a schedule. My first class was history. I didn't really mind cause I like history. I walked into the class room and found my seat. Everyone else was being noisy, I'm guessing they all were talking about Daniel. I found my notes and waited for the teacher to come. Right before he came Daniel walked in. The class room turned silent. Principal Jennings had sent a paper home to all of the freshman parents about his arrival. He was supposed to be treated like a totally ordinary student.
    Daniel was starring at the floor. He looked up and straight into my eyes. I felt my heart beating harder than ever before. He walked over and sat down at the table right in front of me. At this point I was shaking, he turned around and looked at me again.

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1292 days ago
It's a good story, but the sentences are a little short and choppy. Keep on writing!
2095 days ago
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz CONTINUE
2267 days ago
Wow great story. You really should keep writing.