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Once again

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3 Chapter - 552 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 718 taken-The story is currently being written - 2 people like it

It’s about the way Bangtan comes through together but suddenly are away from each other. They drove to Busan but they never make it.

    It’s a nice day the weathers nice....


    Jungkook: ahhhh hellpp- oh wait did you say food?

    Jungkook races down to get food but the other members are still sleeping Jim and Jungkook get water to wake the members up

    Jungkook:(he walks to Jimin slowly and jumps on him) HYUNGGG FOOD IS READYYY!

    Without hesitation Jimin grabs him and hugs him with his eyes still closed and soon enough he finds Jungkook sleeping soundly

    RM: Woah what’s going on? Hmm it’s Jin again isn’t it?

    Jin: hon- I mean Namjoon we were just going to wake the up-

    RM: We have to get ready soon to leave to Busan

    As the boys were getting ready Namjoon checks everything on the car to make sure nothing was tampered with

    RM: okay everybody come bring your things and let’s go!

    As everyone gets on the car, they leave

    5hours later

    The boys were laughing in the back being themselves Jimin smiling, Suga awkwardly sleeping on V, Rm trying to figure out a rubix cube but accidentally breaks it, Jhope laughing with Jimin and Jungkook, while Jin was driving suddenly things don’t go as planned...


    A car immediately comes in front of their car in a fast pace the boys don’t react at all the car crashed into Jin’s car making it roll over a couple times. Glass is everywhere the boys hear sirens but what they find out is even worse

    All seven boys: Ugh my head, where am I?

    Jungkook&Jimin: wait why am I in Busan

    Jhope &Yoongi: why am I in Daegu

    RM: Why am I in Ilsan?

    Jin: why am I in Anyang?

    V: why am I in-

    Their nurses come in and escort them home but in different places at the same time

    The boys are all curious to how they got to the hospital but can’t remember anything their minds went blank they don’t know each other or even know that they exist

    Jungkook went to the coffee shop to get coffee as he was coming out he accidentally bumped into someone

    ?: ouch that’s hot!

    Jungkook: I’m so sorry sir...

    ?: it’s okay don’t worry I’m Jimin

    Jungkook: oh I’m Jungkook and I would like to pay for the damage I caused

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