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A Hilarious MCR fanfic

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This fanfic is a mix of the two most popular fanfic genres: full of adjectives and romantically written; full of description, mixed with just pure ridiculousness.

    Gerard Way's grey and black striped scarf blew grotesquely in the wind, slapping Mikey in the face and ruining their angsty walk around the block. It was deathly silent except for the flapping of their coats in the wind and the wet sound that the wind made as it blew through Gerard's greasy hair. There was a TOOT TOOT and Frank pedaled by on his tiny tricycle, sticking out his tongue as he blew by the Way brothers. "I gotta go chase him, sorry." Gerard muttered useless apologies to Mikey before racing after Frankie and his marvelous tooting tricycle. His feet pounded the damp pavement, each step closer to Frank, to his embrace. "Sup, butthead?" Frank cackled New Jersily as he screeched to a halt, making break noises with his mouth. Gerard was out of breath. His lungs expanded, contracted, expanded, contracted, expanded contracted, expanded, contracted. Then they did that a couple of more times. His heard was slamming against his ribs, which hurt. Gerard didn't exercise much. "I SAID, 'sup, butthead?" Frank reiterated, smirking unevenly, his lip ring popping starkly against is grungy outfit, black nails chipped. Then Gerard realized that Frank was dressed exactly like Pennywise and covered in blood. Gerard asked why, and Frank just replied, "Cosplay." Frank parked his tricycle, chained it to a tree, then sat on the curb with Gerard to wait for Mikey. It would take him a while, because Mikey liked to play a game where if he stepped on a crack in the sidewalk, he had to go back home and start over again. Mikey lived in New Jersey, and they were in California. Frank sat on the curb, swinging his legs, his tattooed feet almost touching the ground.

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556 days ago
Hi, I made this fan fiction 'cause I thought it would be fun! Also, I'm not sure if I can edit it but if I can it should say Chucky, not Pennywise.