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I don't own this song I just really love it and I actually learned how to sing it just recently lol so I thought I would share with you the lyrics.

I don't own this all credit to the original creator of it


    For you there'll be no crying
    For you the sun will be shining
    Cause I feel that when I'm with you, it's all right I know it's right

    And the songbirds keep singing like they know the score
    And I love you I love you I love you
    Like never before

    To you I'd give the world
    And to you I'll never be cold
    Cause I feel that when I'm with you it's all right I know it's right

    And the songbirds keep singing like they know the score and I love you I love you I love you like never before

    Like never before
    Like never before

    I personally love the glee version of it as it sounds better and has more emotion being shown so yeah if you wanna listen to it I recommend the glee version ❤️ also I don't deserve any credit all of it goes to the creator not me thanks

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932 days ago
Hi guys I wanted to drop in and say hi but it looks like the beanlet page went away but I miss you guys and I have been thinking about coming back! Hope your doing well!
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937 days ago
Thanks,I was so comfuzzeled😂🤣
937 days ago
Your welcome. Sorry I couldn't get here sooner I just saw your other comment lol
937 days ago
937 days ago

Here you go 🙂
937 days ago
Hold on raven I'll give you the link hold up
937 days ago
Hi.So,I don’t know where y’all went but I am confused and cannot find the new place.Please help!The bean Spanish thing isn’t working for me
938 days ago
I need to go,bye
938 days ago
Isaiah and Faded both should have the link also I think
938 days ago
And could you please look on fadeds?Sorry I’m confused 😂
938 days ago
Yo,Isaiah is confused,I told him to go onto fadeds quiz and he could email you Getsemani on the turkey quiz,just heads up.
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939 days ago
No not forever and your name on here but you can change it back trust me getsemani has a plan
939 days ago
I checked all your quizzes
939 days ago
Wait..I’m sort of confused,my name here or in general and why?(I wasn’t here yesterday)and also I really don’t want to change my name for good because I have like 5 pages of quizzes...could someone please explain???
940 days ago
Yeah so tbh I reported it yesterday so it will be deleted today or tomorrow
940 days ago
I put a fake name as SugarPie on a different chat and wrote a fake address to get it deleted
940 days ago
Listen up I don’t have much time. If you know me you’ll recognize my number but do not say it aloud. This is what I’m going by for safety. I have to tell you something
You are now boarding the Praesal Railroad, it’s a lot like the Underground Railroad. Here’s the rules
1. Don’t help each other
2. Don’t comment anything after this unless it’s a question or an unrelated topic
3. Do not call me by my real name
4. Once you reach the next stop do not comment anything here
5. Do not share any links

Thank you. I will be giving hints to go to certain quizzes. Please let me do the hint saying, and do not help anyone else. Trust me I will get them. I need to use my carefully curated hints instead of risky ones. We are using Praesal Railroad to get to a new chat. You may think this is unnecessary but I’ve been planning it for a while and it’s a way to make this fun and super secure. I will be giving hints at each stop once everyone arrives. Each hint will be a certain memory or info piece a stalker wouldn’t have. It may take a while but it’s for our safety.
Once you arrive at the next stop please comment this
First comment: Red
Second: Blue
3: Purple
4: Yellow
5: Green
6: Orange
7: White
8: Black
And then reset it.
This is how Praesal Railroad works
I give you a hint
You go to the place
I help if you cannot
Once everyone gets there I will give another hint
If it’s taking a while I may stagger you
You will follow the rules
I will successfully lead you through several stops to a safe chat that I’ve used every precaution known to protect. I’ve given you all fake names to use that I highly suggest using
Maddy- Sun (Name oriented)
Bean- Pole (Name oriented)
Ash- Fire (Name oriented)
Jane- Tarzan (lol jk your name is Yellow)
Jasmin- Spice (isn’t Jasmin a spice or am I tired? Anyway it’s your FDA le name sooooo)
Sexy- Crow (Name oriented)
Addy- Nicole (Name oriented)
Anyone else and please claim by changing your name to it I have your numbers (also no offense it’s really late for me so I can’t remember everyone)
Dog Luke Amy Moon Sunset
Now that everything is all set up, I’d like to introduce the first clue and get this Railroad rolling. But one more thing- if you must refer to this on Anshikas or community or anywhere, call it PGR
Okay the first hint-
My normal name’s
Go to that place comment if you need help AND FOLLOW THE RULES
welcome aboard and goodluck