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Harry Styles imagines

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    When you first met Harry, he was this high school boy that was definitely not shy. You remember how silly he was in class and how nice he was to every person he ran into in the hallways. One day, you and he got partnered up for a school assignment. As you start to write down some notes, he notices you are nervous around him. “What’s wrong?” He says gently. You stay quiet. He realizes you don’t want to talk, so the two of you just work side by side until the class is over. You head up to your teacher to ask some questions, and come back to pack up and go to the third period. You see a small slip of paper on your desk. You read it. “Hello there y/n, it’s Harry. I noticed how tense you were during class, and I thought that maybe we could try again after school at the bakery. I hope to see you there around five. Your pal, Harry” you smile at the note and can’t help but blush. You put the slip of paper in your pocket, grab your bags, and head to class. After school, you meet Harry at the bakery. He is just finishing his shift and has sat down beside you, grinning from ear to ear. “Hi, Harry,” you say. “Hi, y/n,” He says back. You both look at each other for a minute before Harry breaks the silence by asking you where you’re from. “Oh, I’m from (your hometown)...” He smiles. You ask each other so many questions, and you learn so much about Harry. He grew up here, in Redditch, he has a sister and is in a band called White Eskimo. He learns about you as well, and you two immediately click. At six, Harry walks you home. You two stop at your front door and you say goodbye. “I would love to do this again soon, y/n,” Harry says. You smile and nod as you head inside, your heart beating right out of your chest.

    Two years later, you and Harry have been dating for a while now. You two hang out almost every day, and you realize how much he means to you. One day, Harry informs you that he is auditioning for a show called Britain’s Got Talent. You are so happy for him, and you promise that you will go to each one of his performances. When the two of you and Harry’s family go for the first audition, you can tell Harry is nervous. You are there to comfort him. Right before he goes on stage, you give him a long hug and a kiss on the cheek. Smiling, he heads out on stage to show people what he’s got. After the performance, you are waiting to celebrate with him backstage. When he arrives, he picks you up and twirls you around, giving you a long kiss. Many performances later, Harry is officially part of a new band, One Direction, along with four other boys. A few of them hit on you, but you and Harry make sure they know that you are not available. It becomes difficult at times to get a minute alone with Harry with the performances and the paparazzi and all, but you know he is happy so you and he make it work. One day, you are sitting with him in the changing rooms, enjoying a bowl of grapes as you watch Louis, another band member, dance and make a fool of himself. “Y/n?” Harry says. You look at him. “You know how much I love you, right?” He says. You brush some of his crazy hair from his eyes and look into them, engulfed by the clear green color. “Yes Harry, I do, and I love you just as much.” You say before you and him both kiss. Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam look at you, awing and making kissy noises, and you laugh as Harry runs around, tackling them. Oh, how happy you are.

    It’s been a wonderful journey with Harry and his buddies. Five amazing years will be remembered by all six of you. Recently, the band hasn’t been doing so well. Zayn left the band, ready to pursue his own dreams, and the remaining boys were left to make yet another album before deciding to split. Everyone is devastated. You, Harry, the boys, the fans, everyone. Harry has been distant, but you make sure he remembers that you are with him. You try and help others feel that way as well. You will never forget their last concert, their last performance, their last song. In the end, you can feel the sadness and emptiness swallow everyone. You look at Harry, who is looking around, lost and upset, and you long to go to him, but Paul keeps you back. The boys have one last hug and they all walk backstage, no one not even saying a word. You wait with open arms for Harry. When he sees you, tears fall from his eyes and he runs to you. You share a hug and you comfort him, stroking his long hair and kissing his soft cheeks. Once he is done crying, you two gaze at each other in silence. For the rest of the week, you help Harry get through everything. He struggles most days but gradually gets better. One day, you are making dinner at Harry’s flat when he walks in and stands behind you, wrapping his strong arms around your waist and laying his head on your shoulder. “Thank you, baby, I have no idea what I would do without you...” he whispers in your ear as he kisses your neck softly. You set down the pan on the stove and turn around, giving him a proper hug. You two stand there for a while, just swaying to silence and giving each other occasional kisses. For the rest of the day, you and he both cuddle on his couch and watch his favorite movies. Harry eventually gets tired and so do you, so you just lay beside him on the couch, nuzzling your face in his neck as he wraps his arms around you. Within minutes, you’re both sound asleep.

    You and Harry have had a rollercoaster of a year. Harry is working on his own music and you are right there with him the whole time. You enroll in an online college and move into Harry’s flat. One day, when you are just sitting on your couch, you get a news report, saying that Harry was found cheating on you with a woman. Blinded by rage, you March upstairs and pack your things since Harry was out for a run. Your phone vibrates over and over again, but you ignore it. You even get called twice, but you cancel them. As you are in the bathroom, packing your toiletries, you hear the front door open and close and you hear Harry sprinting upstairs. The bedroom door flies open and Harry runs in. “Oh thank God, y/n-“ you hold up a hand to stop him. “Don’t. Talk. To. Me.” You growl between your teeth. “Y/n, baby, you know I wouldn’t cheat on you, ever.” You scoff and turn away, heading out the door. “They don’t even have proof! No pictures, no videos, just rumors y/n! Stupid meaningless rumors!” He grabs your arm desperately and you jerk away. “I’m leaving Harry.” You say to him. You see tears in his eyes. You feel a pang of guilt in your stomach. Maybe he was right, maybe it was just another rumor. But, your stubbornness gets the best of you, and you still storm out of the door. It’s raining now, and you run to your car and slam the driver's door behind you. You let out a scream and a sob at the same time and bury your face in your hands. You sit there for a long while, it’s not even raining by the time you look back up. You look out your window to see Harry. He has been sitting against the fence this whole time, waiting for you. You open the door and run into his arms, crying. “Shh... shh... it’s ok baby... it’s ok.” Harry says quietly. You hold tight to him. “I’m so sorry Harry, I love you so much. I’m never leaving you...” you cry. He kisses your head. “I love you too y/n...” he whispers...

    ~You and Harry move to America, into a nice house in LA, and your relationship is going strong~

    It’s a beautiful spring day. You are relaxing on a beach in LA, bathing in the sunlight. Harry is on his surfboard, sailing on a wave. You lower your glasses and can’t help but look at his abs as he flies through the water. You giggle quietly to yourself. Harry comes back and lays down beside you. “Come into the water, baby, it’s great!” He says. You ruffle his curly hair and kiss his cheek. “Nah, I’m fine watching you from here.” You say. He smirks at you and you close your eyes again. Suddenly, you feel two strong arms pick you up. You open your eyes again to see Harry carrying you into the water. “Harry! Put me down!” You squeal as he wads into the water. “Nope! Not a chance!” He laughs. He walks further and further out until he’s chest deep in water. He’s carrying you now with your legs wrapped around his waist and your arms around his neck. He holds you up with his arms. You look at him and laugh. “Ok, ok, you win!” You giggle. He kisses you. “I knew you’d come around.” He says between kisses. That night, Harry takes you on a picnic at an open field. Lights are wrapped around bushes and trees. It’s very romantic. You two enjoy a wonderful dinner. Steak, potatoes, and salads. You share glasses of champagne as you watch the stars. Harry sits up and grabs your hand. You stand up with him, a little confused as to what’s going on. Suddenly, Harry is down on one knee. “Y/n...” he starts, “from the day I met you I knew we were destined to be together. You have supported me in my career and in my life as I learn and grow. I have fallen so deeply in love with you, and I’m taking my shot. Y/n y/m/n y/l/n, will you marry me?” You cry and look down at the ring, it’s beautiful. Silver with a large diamond. You grab Harry’s hands and look at him. “Yes, Harry Styles, I will marry you.”

    ~You and Harry get married, and you become y/n y/m/n Styles. You and Harry both want to conceive a child, and you begin your journey~

    Married life with Harry is wonderful, you couldn’t be happier. You and Harry both decide you want children, and you begin your long journey to becoming parents. You go into this with only love and passion, no pressure or judgment. After a few months, Harry leaves for a business meeting. You are left at home for two weeks. One night, you are making Harry’s favorite food, tacos. Suddenly, you feel queasy and you run to the bathroom. You don't throw up, but you still feel strange. You sit on the counter in the bathroom for a while before you decide to see what’s going on. You open the test you got at the pharmacy and look down at it, anxious but yet excited for the answer. Could it really be? Had you and Harry finally done it? You take the test and leave it on the counter while you wait. While you wait, you finish making food and Harry comes home. You surprise him with food and movies, and you completely forget about the test, hours pass, and Harry stands up to go to the bathroom. You don’t think about the test and you just sit there and wait for him to return. After a while, you hear the creaking of him walking down the stairs. You turn around and see him standing there, staring down at the white stick. He is pale and his face has no expression. “Harry, I- I forgot about- about that...” you struggle for words. Suddenly, Harry smiles, tears dripping from his green eyes. “We did it, baby, we did it.” He whispers. Your heart stops for a moment but then you jump up in excitement. You run to Harry and he twirls you around, kissing you endlessly. Once he sets you down, he laughs. “I’m thinking about the name Darcy.” You smile. “Hope for a girl then!” You giggle.

    The pregnancy goes amazing. Harry takes good care of you the whole time, and you both can’t wait for your child. After nine long months, you can barely balance on your feet. Harry talks to the baby. You can hear him telling it stories late at night and frankly, it’s quite adorable. You always knew he was going to be an amazing father. One rainy day, you go into labor. Harry drives you to the hospital as fast as he can, and you are checked into a room. You are laying in a bed, crying from the pain in your stomach. Nurses calm you and give you medicine, but the pain is still searing. Harry talks to you, reassuring you that you can do this. You smile at him. You never told Harry the gender of the baby, since you wanted it to be a complete surprise. Hours pass and things begin to hurt even more. At midnight, the nurses begin the delivery. You cry out so much in pain and Harry can tell how much you’re fighting. He kisses your temple and soothes you while you deliver the child. Harry has left the room to get you water, and when he returns, you are holding your child. It is crying softly and you stroke its little hand. Harry looks at you anxiously. You smile at him. “Harry, meet Darcy, our daughter.”

    A week later, you, Harry, and Darcy come home. Harry becomes the father you knew he would be. He and Darcy are like two peas in a pod. Darcy has her father's eyes, his nose, even his smile. But, she did get her mother’s dimples and her hair color. She’s beautiful. Harry loves her more than anyone. You joke with him about how Darcy is stealing him from you, and he tells you the same thing every time: “She may be my princess, but you are my queen.” Darcy grows up to be a beautiful little girl. Harry is always there when she has a nightmare or when she is sick at night. You sing her to sleep every night while Harry just watches you, smiling and holding your hand. You become what you dream to be. Harry is supportive of you every step of the way, as you are with him. Together, you raise a wonderful girl. Today, she turns eight, and you and Harry are ready to celebrate another wonderful year with your daughter. You remember how it all started, and you are glad you got partnered up with that cheeky, flirty, cute, silly, kind boy in class...

    The end.

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483 days ago
That sound so fricking amazing🤍🤍🤍!!!
573 days ago
Let me just say that I agree with Zayn_Malik_fan_girl (42250) because I love Harry soooo much.
775 days ago
If that was me, that would be awesome!