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A Short Story About Bullying

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This did happen. Remember to never support bullying.

In the beginning, I always liked princesses. Me and my bff, Salina would adore them. Until, one day, we got separated. Then came the mean bullies, without a friend I was, she was the only one I had. What happened to Salina? She was in the other kindergarten and we were sad. Then, I noticed how I was hated so bad.
“ Veronica pretends to be a princess ”
“ Uh-hu, but she isn’t!”
“ Veronica is a show-off!”
“ Uh-hu!”
I told on them because that was what I was always told to do when people are mean to you and all of that. In the teacher’s back, those girls shot me dirty looks.

At recess, the two kindergarten get together. I told Salina how bad the entire class, well, almost the entire class, hated me.
She said that she is being commented the same!

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1247 days ago
I have written an anti-bullying poem called To be bullied (version two). You’re not alone in this! Don’t let anyone bring you down! And to all bullies out there...people’s lives can get ruined all because you wanted to make yourself feel better for a short time. Is that really worth it?
1563 days ago
Anonymous, Alessa is my nickname. I usually write it when I have a test. I like the name Veronica and I named it after my Mom so no, Alessa is just a nickname.
1578 days ago
Hi Alessa, is your name actually Alessa? Because in your story it says it was something else. But correct me if I'm wrong :D.
1580 days ago
Thank you so so much! You made me feel a lot better!
I have gone through a lot with not only bullies but also stalkers
I got so mad that I insulted him but I was upset so I didn’t mean it. That made my two friends become a group of haters! She said that if I insulted him, she doesn’t need to be my friend.
So the other one made me cry last night bc she said in front of me to KC:

“ It’s going to be my sister’s birthday and I will invite YOU and Miley! ”

She showed eye contact with me and I knew she meant to say in body language:

“ And YOU are NOT invited!”

I felt a wave of sadness. KC began singing a weird and funny song about a boy named Johnny and that at least made me laugh. So at home, she made me cry..
1580 days ago
@Rhys Jones
I did and that group of girls glared at me when the teacher told them stop but she (teacher) didn’t notice
1581 days ago
I used to get bullied too- go and see a counsellor then!
1588 days ago
I mean, the bully in chapter two not billy!
1588 days ago
Hey there everyone! Hoped you enjoyed it.
I suggest you should go check out Dear Diary #1: The Little Girl Group. Have an awesome day!! Right now, people are telling new students about what happened(that I pretended to be a princess making more people against me). Why I feel like this was Bullying was because these mean people were speaking bad about me even in front of me. Both boys and girls. Yes, this really happened and I wrote it based on my last Kindergarten year. However, a girl said that I have big cheeks which doesn’t make sense because I am not like that. I just chuckled instead of rudely answering to her. Mom told me “ You don’t have big cheeks, yours are very small ones but most of all, you are beautiful. That girl was just jealous of you! ”. A boy last year acted rude around me which I didin’t like and easily noticed they must’ve told him about the year before. I don’t understand, that was in 2013 and they still want to talk about it ?? I noticed that someone must’ve started that rumor which caused people to hate me. Now most people are just my friends and I have two bffs and four friends who we like to hang out sometimes. LET’S END BULLYING! My friend got cyber bullied in her YouTube channel by classmates, according to her. I told her “ So the thing is, in kindergarten they used to say that I pretended to be a princess to everyone and...(continuing my story). ” so did another one with her musically account and she had to make it private so no bully gets inside.
Remember, if you don’t like a YouTube Channel, you just leave and not make the YouTubers go through a hard time with bullying. Same with musically and Instagram accounts. Stop cyber bullying and bullying!