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The Middle School Dance

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This is 100% true about me... hope you like it and comment what you think and if I should make more

    I was on the bus. I fell asleep. I woke up and my crush A (I'm not saying names) was on the bus. I told him I was going to the dance. I figured he wouldn't go because he don't like them. 3 hours later in school he found me in the hall. He said he was going to go to the dance...(read next chapter for more)

    I paid my $3 to enter the dance. After a few songs a slow song came on...I walked right by him so he would notice me. He started walking my way. Then a girl (one of his friends) ran into him so they would slow dance. I seen that they were slow dancing. I ran out of gym crying. My bff Ap saw me and ran to my crush A (also bff) and told him I needed him. He finally found me in mine and his secret place. He asked what was wrong...(read next chapter for more)

    I ignored him.... 3 days later we finally talk (10-23-18) we had one of our weird yet silly conversations. After that I don't know if I like him

    Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed and please comment what you thought.: D

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1366 days ago
Nice fan fiction Dakota
Can you please write more
1556 days ago
From your girl CC12
1556 days ago
Great Dakota! Amazing fan fic!
I love it
(Unnecessary line missing)
1572 days ago
Gray, Ill help. Thanks everyone!!!!!
1582 days ago
Cool story bro! Also, I was hoping that I could get your opinion on the story I want to write? I was thinking of doing something like a journal entry thing, write about me life (because my life is crazy insane, and also make an interesting story) anyway how does that sound? I’ll also give you a shout out in my story if you’re willing to help me out, give me your opinion? Let me know, thanks!
1585 days ago
This was really good! You should write more!