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My life (real love story)

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So, this is a true story about: my life!

So when I was born my mom was endangered so, possibly I wouldn’t have survived, but... I did! (Luckily) so I’m gonna skip to my toddler years! It took about a year to start talking and walking. Moving to my childhood years! When I was seven I twisted my ankle it hurt but not too bad. When I was nine... I got my 1st boyfriend! His name is Koda and he was considered the “bad boy” even though he was not really that bad! So when I was 12 I had my 1st kiss it was with Koda

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400 days ago
Sorry but I don’t believe this story is even true-
557 days ago
9? Wow a boyfriend at 9 and the later you get married! Just wow.
662 days ago
DANG GIRL DANG guess u and koda where made for eachother
818 days ago
Woah big life small story.I love it
1193 days ago
Woah that's amazing!
1219 days ago
Dang. You guys have been together for 28 years and you're in your thirties? Dang.
1220 days ago
Wow! You and Koda have been together for so long!
1230 days ago
Gosh I wish I had your life.
1255 days ago
okay this is a cool story