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My Kitty

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My cat almost died when I was 11. It traumatized me. For life. When your cat that you have had your entire life almost dies like that, you freak. This is that story.

    It all started when I was away for a week with school. When I came back, Asia, my cat, was sick. She wasn't eating, drinking, and because of that, she wasn't using the litter box. It hurt me to come back to this kind of welcome. She had to be taken away to the vet for a night, and we cried and cried and cried. When your beloved pet gets sick like that, (snapping sound) it hits hard.

    She had to be taken to a bigger, better pet hospital. Bigger and better meant farther. The Fish Creek Pet Hospital was really far. We were not allowed to see her. She stayed there for almost a week. We cried on the couch every night.

    Oh, I almost forgot. She almost had surgery, she had an ultrasound and me and my sister were scared. If the surgery was gonna help, we were all for it! But at that state, she might die...

    One night, when we were sitting on the couch, crying, my sister could not stop crying. She sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I leaned over and hugged her. That night, when my dad was saying goodnight, I asked him when the last time he cried was. He said when I hugged my little sis. He told me I once acted more mature that him. I was 47 for a second, then!

    But now my kitty is better. She still has to have to take pills every morning and night, and my dad hares giving them to her. But she is doing much better. She also had to be shaved some parts and something on her leg that looked so cute when she shook it. She's all better, and we love her.

    The End!:)

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1148 days ago
I hope the kitty is okay. I've actually lost a pet before.
1252 days ago
i hope asia is okay, good luck asia
1755 days ago
what did i just read