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This is My Class

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I love my class because we have the BEST conversations so I'm going to write about one of our most famous and memorable ones! Oh, I'm not using the actual names of my classmates though.

    I was in 6th grade. Math, our fist subject, has just ended. The 7th and 8th graders moved to the back of the room, and we all got out our snack. Soon other sixth graders joined the class. Now, I saw my classmate Gilbert walk into the room. This time, for snack, he didn't have rare, endangered goldfish in an uncertified bag prevented by the government (that's what we call his goldfish in a zip-lock), BUT he had something worse...
    "Gilbert! What do you have there?" My classmate Nathan exclaimed. "Oh," Gilbert stammered, "Uh, sunchips."
    "Gilbert," Nathan shook his head, "You have now taken THE SUN, and put it in a BAG, and NOW you plan to EAT IT? That's just terrible, Gilbert..." He continued shaking his head.
    "Wait, what? No, I..." Gilbert stammered, taking a sunchip, "But it's in a certified bag this time!"
    "Oh, your hands must be BURNING, Gilbert!" Nathan, cried, seeing how Gilbert had a sunchip in his hand.
    "You took all the stars and the sun, and put them in a bag for your own pleasure?" My other classmate, Aaron exclaimed. "You have taken the life out of all 'persanity'!"
    "Peranity is not a word!" Multiple of my classmates moaned.
    "I know!" Aaron replied, "Because it is impossible to put in WORDS what Gilbert is doing!"
    Gilbert hesitated. "Wait, but, uh, it's the GOVERNMENT that stole the sun, you see..."
    "You're saying that now you're HELPING the government?" Asked Nathan. "No!" Gilbert replied, "Wait, I just... I GOT it from the government!"
    "Wait," I said, contemplating what he just said, "You're saying that the government stole the sun... and now YOU stole it from them?"
    Gilbert looked around. "No, I mean, I BOUGHT it from the government!"
    "I'm not sure we believe you, Gilbert." Nathan interrupted.
    "You stole the sun!" Rick brought back up, who was another one of my classmates, "We're all gonna die!"
    "RICK! He stole star 1-17 from galaxy 2-point-05!" So the discussion went on until the teacher reminded us of the spelling test.

    Hope you liked this! Trust me, there's more on the way! PLEASE comment your thoughts on this fan fic! So... how's your class like?:)

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1473 days ago
Thanks! (it's kinda why my username on scratch is MyClassROCKS) XD
1494 days ago
TheGlisteningPizza this fanfic is pretty funny😂😂😂😂😂
1505 days ago
It wasn’t huh like, huh? It was just like, idk what to say, so, huh. O
1506 days ago
I am too. I just wasn't sure what to say to that. So I said huh
1508 days ago
I'm christian
1509 days ago
1511 days ago
My classmate defends homeschoolers by saying, ''hey, Jesus was homeschooled and he knew everything!''
1526 days ago
Yeah, so im homeschooled but we have a homeschool community.
1545 days ago
Just a few comments...
Just a few...
1545 days ago
So u found the period tests gross, huh?
1546 days ago
K, thx
1546 days ago
Where is everyone 🙁
It's mire active on the period tests AddyNick if ur bored lol
1548 days ago
1548 days ago
1550 days ago
Everybody left
1573 days ago
Oh oki
1574 days ago
If u read her fanfic "4th Grade" that will explain it
1574 days ago
Maybe she was home schooled for a couple of yrs only and spent the rest at school???
1577 days ago
Wait i thought you said you were homeschooled????????? Now I'm confused.
1579 days ago
We will know ALL the SECRETS behind your NAME!!!!!!!
(Ok, maybe not ALL the secrets. But A secret (maybe kind of a secret??) behind your name)