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Please don’t judge me

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I am emetophobic, and you can read about my journey and story’s. WARNING DONT READ IF YOU HAVE SEVERE EMETOPHOBIA

How I discovered I have it. I was scrolling through YouTube and I saw something that said like drawing phobias. I thought that was cool so I pressed it. At one point it came to Emetophobia. The fear of vomit.

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25 days ago
Look at Jakes and Maddie Nyes numbers they're the same person.
860 days ago
You are such a jerk Jake Maddie ignore him
Jake u r the creepy one nobody wants u just 🐤
977 days ago
"Frak" isn't a word.
Also stop hate commenting no one wants that and stop being mean ur so wrong y would u even think that's creepy it's a real fear so stop it right now
1015 days ago
Your a frak hahah no one loves u u r creepy
1031 days ago
I’m assuming he called me freak and stuff. IDC though.
1031 days ago
Can anyone tell me what I said?
1031 days ago
I didn’t see Jake’s comment! I guess it got deleted! Thank you guys for reading this!
1100 days ago
Well my mom doesn’t really get mad...just has very low patience.
1100 days ago
Yeah soooo idk what to do. My sister has this and probably other phobias/anxieties. My mom completely ignores it and even gets mad at my sister for it. My sister really hates me and would get mad if I comforted her, so that’s not really an option.
1158 days ago
The heart said

I d I o t

Idk why it did it. Oh well
1158 days ago
Maddie Nye,

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BELIEVE JAKE!!!!!! He is a coward and an 👮. He's the real freak around here!!!!
1161 days ago
Don't listen to Jake, Maddie Nye. Jake is wrong.
1217 days ago
I have this too!! I thought I was the only one :)
1226 days ago
Omg I have this too!!!