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Please don’t judge me

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I am emetophobic, and you can read about my journey and story’s. WARNING DONT READ IF YOU HAVE SEVERE EMETOPHOBIA

How I discovered I have it. I was scrolling through YouTube and I saw something that said like drawing phobias. I thought that was cool so I pressed it. At one point it came to Emetophobia. The fear of vomit.

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407 days ago
okay ladies at st cadocs taygarn the grange wherever u lovely adiues are. my trauma response? liek the joker. its laughing u got this right well doen im going to bed if i dont see steve or someone i love not famiu tomo i will break everysinge thing made of glass in there okat. violence seems to be my love language and gift giving and stuff steve didnt hack me someone hacked him its god help me see u rtommorkofrnvoienrwcvrj]P
407 days ago
ALSO NEXT. me hey. this is for violence and🌻and i am vunerabel to🌻 lkkmeoknfojnej
407 days ago
undefined well u know. again ignoring and playing dumb on ouside and inside knowing pretty much anything about anayone abit like sherlock i wastched that alot and tried to fo the things he did. like if someone like deb is tanned shes just beeen on the slash cause she needed a break typical pisces lmao its me
407 days ago
undefined dunno got off bus. like i left the house to the grange or to supposedly meet steve but it wasnnt himmmmm
407 days ago
undefinedmore jacob. or sarah. stays still and calm on outside and dad and steve but not when im there. i triggur them alot when i have delusions but they can see what i cant so its love xx
407 days ago
undefinedundefined i assume things arent real before i jump to connclusions as a trauma rsponse. i dont think im a virgin and that sucks. i stay calm and assess. if u are in a dream u cant see or read a clock or if u know ur in a dream u know lucid>>>>>>>
407 days ago
undefined phsychically and mentally leaves the situation. not me. i do only in head. 41462 its all me hi im the problem its me hi
407 days ago
undefined a few people. fley the scene of the crash. not steve or sam or hannah or kate. mayve eve, bless her. ily
407 days ago
undefined not sure about this one. could be a few, seren kate and nicole? loveeeeee
407 days ago
undefined for hannah. she has this. i throw up alot it doesnt work lol 💑 love u
407 days ago
undefined now that was less intence and more funny love it
purple is for steve and red is for sam xx
407 days ago
undefined okay i see what ur doing here split perdonslity, yes uahve that, working our way through xx
407 days ago
undefined thats funny i lolololol my life story the truman show 💑x
407 days ago
undefined okay thats funny double bluff on the psychosis cool all planned i kow
407 days ago
undefined this is bs, didnt bother reading trauma trigguring bs
460 days ago
Look at Jakes and Maddie Nyes numbers they're the same person.
1294 days ago
You are such a jerk Jake Maddie ignore him
Jake u r the creepy one nobody wants u just 🐤
1411 days ago
"Frak" isn't a word.
Also stop hate commenting no one wants that and stop being mean ur so wrong y would u even think that's creepy it's a real fear so stop it right now
1449 days ago
Your a frak hahah no one loves u u r creepy
1465 days ago
I’m assuming he called me freak and stuff. IDC though.