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My Experience With Self Harm

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This is my story. A lot has happened to me and I wanted to share some of my experiences. Enjoy my story and please learn from it.

Looking back, self-harm has been a big part of my life for most of seventh grade (it's currently the summer before I go into eighth grade). It all started with a stapler. I'm not exactly sure why I was so upset on this particular day, but I remember feeling really low, empty... lonely. My friend (let's call her Amy) had a small stapler in her pencil case and she let me use it. I got the idea to staple my arm. I knew it was kind of dangerous, but I didn't care. Amy knew what I was doing and I’m pretty sure she didn't think I was going to go through with it. Once I did... I felt better. I could finally control something again. And it didn't really hurt either (I have very high pain tolerance), but it still helped to stop me from feeling numb. I loved it. I did it the next day I had school as well.

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242 days ago
Iv had the same dream for weeks now and its really bad and i want to share it to whos in it but they will feel bad(its my mom wispering in my ear to kill myself.)

Also i have attempted suicide once but failed
I cut once but my parents found out
I feel deppressed
I have diagnossed stress
I am always told im a bish and a brat
I am held to REALLY high expectations
My whole family but me has covid right now
The other day i sprained my ankle
My favorite teacher is quitting
My 2nd favorite teacher has covid
My friends make fun of every little thing i do and im trying to ditch them
If i ditch my bishy frinds ill have 0 friends
My sister is anabslute brat
Imnpansexual and my sister brother and a friend all hate me now
Im sorry for all the ranting
350 days ago
@Ramen, yes. Anyway, I'm literally a 5th grader, who, you might be surprised, is already going through this. My mom, dad, and my friend's mom, are the only people who know, and my friends don't know, since I wear a hoodie, shirt and a sweater, or just an innocent everyday long-sleeve, and I never change them no matter how hot and sweaty I get. I'm also suicidal, and other kids have told me everyone would be better off without me. I only make deep scratches in my arm when nobody can see, and have been tempted to use scissors, but when my mom learned about this habit, she removed all sharp objects from my bedroom, knowing that one day things could escalate to a higher level .·´¯`(>▂
472 days ago
Well ehh ik this is old but i just scratched my arm and put a broken pen piece in my arm forcefully multiple times, is that self harm?
550 days ago
It addicts. I have a great ammount of respect that you could stop, I just can't.
745 days ago
i'm rlly sorry. ok i shouldn't have said that, i h8 it when people do that to me. i told a couple of my really colse friends i self harm and one of them.... we aren't as close anymore. she looked like she was going to cry when i told her... i think i heard her crying in the bathrooms l8r. ty 4 letting me vent lol. idk u but ily and support u
912 days ago
Life is boring if you dont give it an edge a little thats why ive been self harming for over 13 years.
959 days ago
Ummmm I just self harmed....

I bit myself (random I know) but then I stopped and kicked the wall and felt better. If I ever feel like this again I think I will go straight to kicking the wall
991 days ago
Fellow Earthling please never harm yourself. You may not know it right now, but you’ve got so much to live for. The world would be different without you. I don’t personally know you, but I just wanted to let you know this.
1018 days ago
I will try not to though
1018 days ago
I feel like I might start self harming soon. My life is such a mess.
1032 days ago
TheQuizzyAddict Don’t harm yourself! It’s better than what I say, but don’t do it, my harm has gotten worse, please, tell me that you won’t fall dow the same ditch that I have! 😨
1042 days ago
Um... I just self harmed 😣
1088 days ago
I had been bullied too, they had called me names and told me to kill myself, I have attempted to twice, both failed miserably, and I have harmed myself, by scratching, cutting, and pulling my hair out, and I’ve attempted to purge twice. But, I love it all, it’s the only way to keep my sanity, I also have trust issues, and I have scars on my arms, legs and hips. And missing hair strands. I’m also apart of LGBT, but only 2 people know, my mom, and a friend. I hope you are doing better now, I hope you get through this, you’re beautiful just the way you are!
1124 days ago
Wow this is deep and I had severe depression and almost did this stuff. I'm also 12 and I'm so sorry and no 12 yr old should go through this so I can feel u sweetie 😚💗❤💘
1137 days ago
Hanna, im sorry to hear what happened to you. i am twelve years old too. and i like that we have the same name! unless yours is a code name. but im very sorry and i feel bad that it also made you curse at such a young age. ( no offense!!!!) i know that some people do that anyway.:)
1153 days ago
Now I feel bad. I barely wrote anything compared to the other people who commented. I just hope you're okay!
1179 days ago
I know I've used like 4 messages, but I just want you to know- you are not worthless. You are not ugly. Have you read Wonder? It's a great book, I definitely think you should read it. I'm so glad you might stop cutting yourself. I'm worried, though- I've seen cuts on my brother lately! He was camping this summer but I'm worried it might not be that! Thank you for inspiring me. "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"
I'm going to make a quiz called dedicated to Hanna. I'll include a few quotes you might find it if you look that up. It might be checked for content in a few days and you'll be able to find it. Good luck and I hope you feel better.
Ashley (look for that as the maker of the quiz)
1179 days ago
THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read one of your quizzes and I already know Cammy is such a jerk. No way anybody would watch you die. How could they do that to the best person in the universe?
1179 days ago
However, I still cannot say I have been through what you have. I am relieved to be out of (mostly) the trouble I was in. I can't believe they would treat you that way. Can you drop them in a volcano or feed them to the sharks for that?
Or maybe feed them tuna and catfish until they die of boredom.
I know, I'm violent.
1179 days ago
For a while, too, I was getting badly bullied. I was the last picked on every team, and my favorite sport was basketball. (I'm a girl). People called me a 'weakling' and 'stupid'. My brother didn't help. My best friend helped me get through it, but eventually my other friends lied to me and talked behind my back. I thought about cutting, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I did it once and I couldn't handle it; I told my best friend. She told me that she was always there for me. Have a Great Day (emoji with tongue sticking out)'s Pep Talk helped me a little, but still... I didn't have friends like Cammy and stuff, but on my basketball team, I definitely got pummeled. Instead of passing the ball to me, (which I was benched every game) but during practice, they grabbed balls and threw them at me. The coach didn't seem to help, he always looked down at his clipboard. When I mentioned it, he told me to stay away from them.
I told my parents and we took a break, but I cried for a while after that.