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All The Things You Never Knew

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Maybe this is a letter, maybe not, maybe it's true or not, maybe it's not everything. And maybe it's a confession.

It started when she decided she needed names. Maybe she thought, "I have Google, I can use that to look them up!" But wasn't sure if she was allowed to. Instead of asking, she just did. Then her searches morphed into writing prompts. Then she found quizzes. Usually, "Are You A Good Writer?" And she thought they were fun. She looked up "Are You A Good Actress?" And more. At some point she found Playbuzz. She played that, until she didn't. She took a quiz and hit the home button very fast because of what she saw. The pictures were so creepy. She found this site, and became a regular visitor.

And I'm not telling you who this is. Or confirming or denying anything, either.

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1041 days ago
Thanks Lemony Willow
1045 days ago
1045 days ago
Oh, I thought this was just one chapter, I onley read the first chapter....😂
1050 days ago
This is good..kinda how I found this place I guess.
1132 days ago
NHYT It's completely fine :)) I willl
1135 days ago
have not been catching cup lately, guys, i’m sorry.... really busy. Check out the bff club chat:D
1142 days ago
Olivia, do you mean the story or the comments?
1143 days ago
I did not get that
1143 days ago
Thanks Quizzy and Ravenclaw...
Elizabeth what????????
1144 days ago
This is. For. Rachel you drity racess💑white bich why u took me
1144 days ago
Zis is great!!!!
1148 days ago
Wow. This is rlly well written... 😯