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My Story and My Sexuality

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How I found my sexuality

    CHAPTER 1: My Crush

    I am a 12 year old lesbian girl with a crush on a guy. We are fairly close friends. We've touched hands, he's complimented me (I think) and made fun of my laugh (but everyone does so...) and he annoys me so much!

    I emailed him during quarantine explaining my feelings. Before that, I had taken a lot of quizzes on this website, and all were sexuality quizzes. Most came out as bisexual. I realized that I had always liked looking at girls, and always had a physical attraction to them.

    After I sent the email, I took even more quizzes. Some started saying I was lesbian! Then I came to my senses and realized... I liked girl, and only girls.

    CHAPTER 2: Uh, Oh.

    So, yes, I am a lesbian who likes guys, which makes me bi, but I don't want a boyfriend. I don't want to kiss a boy. I just want to let them know I like them! It's complicated...

    But, I haven't sent anything else to him. I have only told 8 people I'm bi, and only 2 know I'm actually a lesbian. I haven't come out to my parents either.

    CHAPTER 3: Tests

    I took a test awhile ago, and it was a What Would You Do Lesbian one. It said things like "She started to unbutton her shirt. Wat would you do?" It went through how the person taking it (a bi girl), and X (your friend, a lesbian), made out.

    It showed me that I do not want a boyfriend. I want a girlfriend!
    I want to love and protect a girl!

    The more tests I took, the more sure I became of my sexuality. And the more nervous I became to tell my parents.

    CHAPTER 4: Confession

    So, yes, I have yet to tell my parents I'm lesbian. I know I should, but I don't want to!

    They've always been so accepting of the LGBTQ+ community. But I fear what will happen when they find out that their oldest daughter is part of it. What example will I be setting for my sister!

    What would you do?

    1. Never tell your parents
    2. Tell them when you want to
    3. Die with the secret or
    4. Get it over with it and suffer the consequences.

    I'll do this one in a few days:
    Get it over with it and suffer the consequences.

    CHAPTER 5: Unamed Chapter

    The moral of the story I guess is, ummm, believe in yourself, and love yourself no matter what.

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It wasn't a very good story no offence, but I liked the moral, lol