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The separation between my family

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How do you ever been able to look at a family and be like how perfect they are amazing everyone's kind but if you go deeper into the story and even go to their home you'll see that the family is being Terror part everyday even if it's for the best reasons or the worst. This is my true story about my family and me.

Hello, my name is Dee I'm not going to see my real name on here but my life has been tearing apart ever since my third birthday on those days my third birthday my father and my older brother who is about 5 and they came and they gave me gifts and everything. but that was a very last at day I ever saw my real dad in my other step brother let's fast-forward about 6 years later I was at the age 9 when one day I went up to my grandparents cabin and my stepdad, my half-brothers and then their whole family. I was very very excited at the time, cuz I was really happy. I love it up there but that changed. The night before we went home we were opening gifts then that night at the end of the day we're all messing with our gifts and I was helping with my little brothers play set, but he yelled at me and told me that was not the right way I kept trying to help him, but he said no. So I got upset and I went to my corner of where I was sleeping, then that's when I decided that I would just try to calm down for a little bit and draw, but my brother yelled at me and says I hate you! So I say "leave me alone", but that's when my step-dad calls me downstairs. All I can think about is what will happen next. As I walk down the stairs and grabbed my water bottle, then I run back upstairs and my step-dad calls me out again,"come back down" he yells with his tough voice and I said "just leave me alone everyone" but he said if I do not come down he will bring me down there so I got up ran downstairs, but when I got there he starts yelling at me saying you should leave your brother alone he did nothing to you and I kept saying "I just I wanted to help and you weren't listening" and he kept saying fixing it or you can go apologize to your brother and I said I just watched TV! Then he said go watch TV then but there was a football game on! I did not like football at all. All I wanted to do was get up and run away. I was crying at the moment because he kept saying I would have to go up to apologize to my brother or stay down there and watch the TV or keep arguing with him and I said "I don't want to I don't know what I want to do!" Then my grandma came in because she heard the commotion and she found me crying and my dad yelling at me then she offered that I could come outside and be able to play or sit by the fire for my dad told him no. then my life is about to turn upside down and I did not even know it.

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