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Things That Happened at My Private School

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I’ve seen a lot of people tell stories about what happened at their public school, but would you believe my private school was maybe more chaotic?

    My Former friend (Let's call her.. Tammy) had a boyfriend when she was 11. This may not seem very weird... but...

    The boyfriend was a freshman in high school.

    He did... something (I’ll let your imaginations fill the blanks)... with her when she was 12 and she allowed it.

    Tammy cheated off of me and my bff, vaped, smoked, and swore constantly.

    After all of this, she wasn’t even punished.

    All of this happened in a private religious school.. 😶

    One of my classmates stole a bunch of chicken nuggets from lunch and smashed them on the playground (which for us is a parking lot).

    Then a 6 year old stepped on them and said it ruined their “designer” shoes, and the family went far enough to call the cops on this 13 year old.

    They were twinkle toes, you know those shoes that light up?

    And I don't know if I’m stupid... but can’t shoes be... CLEANED?

    You know how most people picture public schools to be well kept and all kids being smart and behaved?

    During ELA (English Language Arts), my class would “boo” our teacher.
    I think the principal came up to our classroom 18 times to try to shut us up?

    It didn’t work.

    Also during ELA the same kid who threw the chicken ordered McDonald’s from Uber Eats, said he had to go to the bathroom, was excused, and then came back with a McDonald’s bag and a Big Mac in his hand.

    Everyone knew about this, even my ELA teacher.
    Teachers did nothing about it.

    Tammy... remember her?

    Well one time she was SUPER hyper in gym class and my gym teacher asked her if she had too much to drink.

    His exact words- “are you high?”

    When I was in 4th grade, a boy decided it was a good idea to swing on the bathroom stall doors. For the rest of the year, boys would do this for fun to get out of class.

    Last day of school that year, one boy, let’s call him Henry, asked to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was down the hall and kinda close to our classroom.
    He went along with the boy from the other room.

    About 1 minutes later we heard a big boom.

    Henry ran back in the classroom saying “OH NOO. SOMEONE BROKE THE STALL DOOR IN THE BOYS BATHROOM. IT JUST FELL DOWN!”

    nobody bought it but our teacher.
    ———————————————— —

    If you want a part two, or if you want to share your own school stores, please do down in the comments!

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769 days ago
I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner! I’m Catholic 🖤
832 days ago
part 2 this is awesome also what is your religion?
932 days ago
Part 2 please!!!!!!!!!!!