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The weight

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About just everything

    Everything was okay
    I had two best friends
    We had school together
    Everything was okay

    Everyone was friends with everyone
    Everything was okay

    First grade
    Everything was okay

    Second grade
    Everything was okay

    Third grade
    I thought I had it bad because I got the strict teacher
    Everything was okay

    Fourth grade
    By the end I finally got tested for the Gifted and Talented program
    Everything was okay

    Fifth grade
    According to my district, after this I was done with elementary, yay
    Everything was ok

    Sixth grade
    Back to elementary
    I transferred to my new school, a charter, not in the district
    Everything was okay
    Not even my “friends” there I knew before I transferred talked to me
    I eventually made friends though
    And everything was okay
    That year was amazing
    So many good memories
    Being the new girl wasn’t so bad
    And eventually I felt like I had always been there
    Got to be a rep in NJHS Everything was okay

    Seventh grade
    Was excited after an amazing previous year
    Made amazing friends, reconnected with ones a grade ahead since 7-8 were somewhat mixed
    Participated in the school musical
    Was in the musical for my drama class
    Was in the National Junior Honor Society, now elected as secretary
    Was in student council, now elected as secretary
    At church, I was chosen as President over my class in that January
    I chose my presidency, my counselors and secretary, and I planned activities and lessons, as I happened to be the oldest in my class, I felt like I was important
    Like the girls I presided over looked up to me



    It started draining me faster than I could plug it
    I enjoyed everything I did
    But the days where I have meetings for NJHS in the morning, student council in the afternoon, a rehearsal, then having to help with the school dance for student council and NJHS just every so slightly started to take a toll

    And I tried to still have a social life
    And a family life
    And relax
    And learn Spanish on my own
    And do my homework
    And school in general
    And keep my room clean
    And deal with my worsening breathing problems
    And deal with my now apparent non-diabetic hypoglycemia
    And get enough sleep despite likely having a disorder
    Oh and did I mention softball?

    At some points in the third quarter I realized I don’t have to deal with all this crap. I don’t have to kill myself over trying to please everyone
    I allowed myself to skip a homework or two when I physically and mentally too exhausted to do anything

    Hurt me every time

    Then it hit

    It closed school, cancelled the production I was in the middle of for theatre class, the one that I had gotten the biggest role I’ve ever gotten to date in, and suddenly it just dropped everything except school

    And everything was okay

    After seventh grade and online school ended
    Everything was okay
    I couldn’t exactly go many places
    But that was okay
    I could relax
    I had more free time
    I was free
    At least that’s what it felt like then

    Even better,
    My best friend and I grew way closer, at a time where we couldn’t even see each other in person
    Stay up late texting each other until 1 am
    FaceTime each other while we are both making cookies
    Everything was okay

    We both learned
    That both our parents
    Had decided
    To look

    To another state.

    Thank goodness it happened to be the same state.

    It was okay

    As long as we both moved, it would only be a three-four hour drive
    As opposed to a 10-12 hour drive if we didn’t

    Everything was okay

    We came to each other’s houses a lot

    We texted a lot

    We called a lot

    Then she moved
    Now she is about to go to her new house

    We already decided to FaceTime and call a ton, this relationship isn’t dying over someone moving
    So it’s okay, right?

    During this time,
    I started online school for 8th grade
    At my new school
    Yup I decided to transfer again
    I transferred before I knew I would be moving by the end of the year if not sooner
    Probably would have done it anyway

    Classes were fine
    A bit annoying having to record myself. Since I happened to get some of the worst classes for online. But they were classes I wanted.
    So it’s okay

    Now I’m almost starting in person school

    I get to be the new girl
    It will be okay
    Especially if I end up moving in two months anyway

    Then I’ll get to be the new girl again

    That time
    I won’t have anything to fall back on
    I won’t know anyone there already

    But being the new girl always gives attention to you, helps you meet new people right?
    It will be okay

    It will be okay
    It will be okay
    It will be okay

    Is it going to be okay?

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Comments (16)


11 days ago
shiii this is old😭
166 days ago
You got this girl!!!!!
606 days ago
It will be ok if you get help and support. *I give you my help and support. uwu.*
667 days ago
Aw Ash this is really good!!!!!!
901 days ago
I know I'm just giving critiques to help out is all :)
903 days ago
well, poem or not, THIS WAS RLLY GOOD!!! :)) i hope quarantine calmed u down a bit after all the pressure. i also think that everything will be fine if u take things easy hehe. dont wrench urself too much. (srry if i dont make sense rn, lmaooooo)
961 days ago
Not trying to be rude but if this was a poem and you were trying to do a timeline I would add more details because all I get from this is "everything is okay" so maybe do more detail next time! Hopefully I helped :)
993 days ago
You can get through it you are strong so prove it!
998 days ago
It’s going to be ok. Hugs lovely 💚
1003 days ago
it's going to be ok ash! also you have really good writing well by my standards (and i don't if my standards are high or low but yeah)
1003 days ago
Yes, I reckon it will be good to move and start a fresh.
1003 days ago
I want to move I just have never moved outside of the same town and only transferred schools within town so it’s completely new
1003 days ago
I’m ok now just in seventh grade gosh that was terrible

Oh I forgot to mention that I gained a lot of weight in the last year but I haven’t gotten much taller or anything and 💗 don’t weigh that much
So that’s a concern
1003 days ago
Everything will be fine when you move!!!
1003 days ago
Aw Ash I hope you're ok!!!
1003 days ago
My 🦄py life story about problems no one wants to hear about lol