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I have to sing the Solfege scale in choir this Friday so I might sing it here too I don't know or I might just start singing but again I don't know


    Hello I go by Maddy
    Some might know me
    But I love to sing and last weekend I was forced to sing to my mom and dad
    I hated it lol but this Friday I need to sing the Solfege scale to my teacher so yeah. I might sing other songs if people like my voice I don't know but I won't post links anywhere because if I suck and get tons of hate that would suck but if I'm bad and get few hate comments that would be better hehe comment what songs you wanna hear well if I decide to sing. Thanks bye for now

    By the way, I like to sing privately and my dad likes to go in my room during my online school to hear me sing all the time so I won't do this often hehe

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249 days ago
923 days ago
Thanks idk if I'll do it but thanks for your support.
923 days ago
Good luck girlfriend