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Going throughout life: my style

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A little about my life, and some advice to go with it. You get to know a little about me and you can answer some of the "questions". I hope it's okay. I am 13 years old just to warn you.

I am adopted

Growing up through life for me- was a little weird.

I was in an adoption center from when I was 1-4 years old. I had no biological siblings. My biological parents loved me but they did lots of drugs...

They wanted me to have a better life with good influences- I knew because of the letter from them I never forgot about.

I was too young to know where I was and what was going on but now I do. I love my new mom and dad, my sister, and my brother. My sister is their only biological child, but it always seemed like I wasn't adopted; doesn't feel like it anyway.

You may now about the stupid joke, when someone says "You're adopted!" I don't under why it's funny or upsetting though. Do you know how many kids DON'T have a family? It makes me happy to know that I have a supporting family. Even though not all adopted kids get that kind of family- that's upsetting...

It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, because you are special and amazing.

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794 days ago
I’m happy for you and thanks for sharing your wonderful life story. Adoption can be amazing.
One of my best friends was adopted and everyone loves each other in that family.

Adoption doesn’t always work out and sometimes it’s the kid who does not accept their new family.

I know of an incident where the girl grew up to move almost across the country to be with a boyfriend and told him lies about her adopted family. He tried to kill the whole family but was caught and punished. She on the other hand kept doing things that were criminal to her adopted family and it has been hard on them. Think Michael from Halloween 🎃 slasher movie! (Just a girl this time!!!) Keeps coming back to inflict unspeakable harm.

I feel sorry for the family because they loved that little girl who hated them and grew up to become a monster.

Good Luck to anyone considering adoption, It does work out for MOST people. ❤️
943 days ago
Great story😊 I’m happy for you
1017 days ago
I am adopted to! I haven't told anybody not even my bff or bf. I'm scared I'm going to be bullied Basically my life sort of
1045 days ago
Thank you very much, Ellie!
1074 days ago
That was good. You are a really good writer 😊
1099 days ago
Ummm okay... I guess good luck?