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This is a story about my life. Kind of like a diary for me but the whole world gets to read it! My life is strange but I hope you decide to read this! If you have any advice for me just write a comment? Or any questions!

    Hello! Thank you for deciding to read this! I decided not to give away my name or the people in this story so all of these names are not their real ones....but I still hope you enjoy!

    Thu, Nov 19, 2020
    Well I guess I should start by telling about myself. I am in school still sadly:( I have brown hair and blue eyes. My hair is messy and curly I hate it. Umm that's all now to tell what happened today. I woke up to my alarm going off as usual! I got my clothes on and headed to school ( I walk to school ) Then my phone buzzed I got a text from him! He was my life-I loved him-He was my boyfriend. *Good-morning baby* it read I was so happy. I loved his good-morning texts they were so adorable to me! We had been together for 6 months now. He was the best thing that had happened to me! *Good-morning baby* I had texted back he asked me what I was doing and then said his class was starting so he had to go. I was happy now! Then it was a calm day at school nothing really happened as usual...Then after school came that was a pretty fun day! He asked me if I wanted to go for ice cream I texted my mom and she said it was cool just be back before curfew. So we went to the ice cream shop that's near our house it was amazing. Now I'm about to describe something so if you don't wanna read don't just skip over it! While we were eating I wanted to taste his ice cream so he ate a bit left some on his lips and kissed me. We had kissed before but ill just describe it because why not. His lips were cold because of the ice cream but the gradually became warm he tasted sweet ( probably because he was eating ice cream ) His lips were warm and soft now life freshly baked bread..... when we pulled away his brown hazel eyes stared into mine! it was magical to me... he then asked if I was ready to go home I was thinking about going to his house to cuddle and watch movies but then I remembered I had a test tomorrow so I better just head home. We kissed goodbye and that was day one!

    Hope you all enjoyed it there will be more characters added and if you would like me to describe more things please tell me or if not don't

    Okay so question time!

    1. What should I do if he asks to shower with me ( I'm a shy person)

    2. Why does he enjoy when I have food on my face

    that's all bye


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144 days ago
I would shower with him, I am a really romantic type!! So in my eyes perfect! Kiss him definetly!!
654 days ago
NO SHOWER but u can kiss him thats ok. but under any circumstances copy him or eat food of his lips If my bf did that to me I woul gag
669 days ago
If you really want to shower with him, well, DON'T do it.
669 days ago
Hi! I read it and while I’m terrible at anything to do with romantic relationships so I can’t give advice, I just want to wish you all the best in your relationship! 💚