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My mythical journal

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I'm.. well.. not yet but I'm turning myself into a mermaid. This is my diary

    You can call me mythical. I always wanted to be a mermaid like H20 Just Add Water. I did research and sadly real mermaids don't have powers or things like that. Real mermaids have legs and can transform whenever. They don't have powers and they always have the eagerness to jump into the water and shift. I learned this from kissing midnight. She was on 43 things and was a real mermaid that shifted and it's said to believe that she ran into the ocean forever. Now let's get this straight. If you want to be one for powers, or anything else other than the eagerness to be part of life's fragile creations or just explore than your in this for all the wrong reasons. I'm doing this because ever since I was a baby I loved the water. I was even born in Galveston. Now I live in a boring place but still and I still love everything about water and yeah. If this gets published, please comment no hate tho. In this I will track my progress when I notice changes. Okay also if anyone wants to transform with me comment your first name, your age ( 13+ only ) and why you want to be a mermaid. And then in my next entry I will tell you how to contact me maybe or I'll just mention you in my next entry and say what I use and then you can comment your progress. Anyways I won't start until Saturday, 28 2020. I won't comment back to you because of some things but I read all comments. Goodbye for now


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574 days ago
Hi thanks for the tips lily! I'll keep those things in mind. How did you become a mermaid?
575 days ago
oh hi! heres some tips!
~ do a spell on a full moon ~
- Dont dont dont go out on a full moon -
- find out what kind of mermaid you are -
- try out your powers like i have ice powers and i can put back time -