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Hmmm, I have no Idea what my sexuality is

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If you want to read this, read. I need the help.

    I am a teen who has no idea what my sexuality is. So I need help on this and my parents are in a disaster zone to ask. My sister (who is bi) told my mom “Hey, I think I’m bi” then she banned her from having girlfriends over, even if it was platonic. So yeah, I am worried about that.

    I am kinda leaning towards Aromantic and Asexual. I can’t imagine myself... well... having sex and the thought of having a romantic relationship is not my thing. But I still don’t know! All the ‘Crushes’ I have had are just thinking a boy was cute.

    I am using this as a way to vent and get opinions/help without being called out or feeling guilty. My sisters have helped a lot in the sense of helping me be educated on the LQBTQ community and helping at least get a good idea on this. If you dislike me for doing this, or just going on here and making this, I don’t know what to do right now, so keep it to yourself, please.

    To all those who have and will comment, I appreciate you reading this. It helps me get my emotions sorted out. Thank you!

    (A confused teen)

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93 days ago
My cousin is
309 days ago
It's okay to be confused. People would judge you but just love for you want to love or don't love. Just as long as you're not hurting anybody or breaking like any social law (pedo*ec.). I don't think we need to put a label on us cuz I think for the longest time that I was lesbian , but for me it always gets hard to understand who I like, so I just say I'm part of the community and appreciate the community and don't really care what people call me or what my label is, and I think that's something more people should do as not everything about you is known.
326 days ago
Dear Mars:
I think you might be genderfae, asexual, and possibly Androsexual? I'm not entirely sure and I doubt you'll see this.
419 days ago
419 days ago
441 days ago
I'm 14 and I have no idea what my sexuality is I think I'm bi
449 days ago
I identify as a feminine. She/her. But also some days just free like they/them! However, I never feel he/him or any masculine type and never hope too. My whole life I've only been attracted to the opposite secs but lately I have been attracted to men and non binary. Woman I think are attractive but I wouldn't want to be with one. In asexual topics, I think physical attraction is amazing and I'm personally attracted and personality attracted and attracted to people based off look but not enough to want sexual 🍦. I am a minor but at my age people Start to progress fantasizing about sexual 🍦 however it's an interesting topic but I can't imagine myself doing so and really disgusts me to do it with any 🍦 Some tests tell me I'm a hetero acesexual. But does hetero counts of I also like non-binary?
527 days ago
I literally feel the exact same and have no idea. I usually class myself as mainly asexual but also a tiny bit of bi lol. This post was made a while ago, and if it's okay I would love to know what your current thoughts are as I could do with some help/ideas too 😅
546 days ago
Ok, I think I might be Polysexual.(Attracted to most genders but not all) and I don't know how to Tell
556 days ago
I think a lot of people are feeling alone or lost, and the lgbtq+ community should be treated better! I mean, and a lot of people, including me, were raised in homes where i didnt even know what lgbtq was until quite later... dont know where im going with this but everyone has a place in the world, and even if we dont we can make our own place. Also, that sound really hard! I hope you can figure it out! I hope everyone figures it out. good luck everyone
625 days ago
731 days ago
Hi everyone. I’m a girl and I’m REALLY confused about my sexuality. I have dated girls and boys in the past and I’m currently dating this CUTE boy at my school. He seems really into me but he is occasionally quiet too. Anyway, I’m kinda leaning to straight but then I feel girls are attractive and then I feel NO FEELING to any gender. I dunno what to do with my self :(


I’ve come out to my mum once as bi and she screamed and said “You like boys.” She’s a nice person, honestly, but maybe she was shocked. Her opinion puts me off because I know she’ll scream or hate me.


.,Quiet and Hoping for an answer,.
749 days ago
Well I’m not sure what is my sexuality and I’m really scared to tell my parents but I think I’m bai and my mum might me hombothobic and my cousin is 100%
756 days ago
Well my thing lagged and sent it twice Oof
756 days ago
Hello @idk it seems that would mean youre whats called 'fluid' which means your gender/ sexuality can change. Try lookin' it up, coming from a proudly, 5 month, secret, pangender-pansexual
763 days ago
I used to like girls a lot and thought i had no interest in boys , but recently i like boys better and have no interest in girls...
Whats happening with me?!?
768 days ago
I’m confused with my sexuality too
783 days ago
I dated a girl for some months then I told my mother about it... she kicked me out but my friends and siblings helped me get through it. If you have any siblings or friend I am so sure that they will support you no matter what :)
788 days ago
@RandomGirl, hi! Myself personally I feel that sexuality is fluid. I would generally call myself bisexual or asexual because I love all anyway but it can change depending on the person I feel sexually attracted to. But actual😍I usually don’t like which is where the asexual comes in. Don’t feel pressured into choosing a label for yourself! You are you, a unique person and you only need to pick labels if they are helpful to express yourself. I feel that labels can be limiting which is why I simply say that I love all because everyone is deserving of love. And when it comes to sex, a label doesn’t matter because if you have a partner who you both feel comfortable having😍with then you’ll know. I wish you all the best! 💚