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    Have you ever worried so much, about what you aren't gonna be able to do? Well, here's something to really worry about, if your me.

    1. I had a break-up with a good friend last month, and I realized this month that I was so mean to her.
    I sent her an email: Sending this to apologize,
    I was a real Jerk and Drama Queen.
    Hope you can forgive me.
    And we don't have to be friends or anything if you do.
    I waited three days...
    No reply, of course, it was spring break...
    And she hates me...
    Will she reply? Will it be "I forgive you" or an "I hate you"
    2. I have a move coming up, (I am moving t the countryside) My family and I are getting away from Corona chaos.
    I will be in 6th grade when we move, Will I be lonely all year? Probably not...
    But I am looking for a new RAP Shy, athletic, Fun when you get to be close friends...
    I really want to be like a girl from the TV show: Camp Cretaceous
    I LOOOVVEE the character Yasmina, not in a lesbian way...
    We are so alike, and I like the way she does things.
    And, I want to have my first kiss at my new school, BUT...
    I have brothers, and I am totally not a girly-girl.
    I am a full-on tomboy- And I heard all the boys there are more on the FAT side... 🤢🤮

    Another reason why my family is moving there is that we have a lot of friends there and stuff...
    I have like 2 friends there besides my brothers... they have like a million.
    I and this girl (I am changing names) Melody are really good friends, she is as old as my oldest brother (15) So she is MUCH older than me, she is cautious, Goody two shoes, and she is shy and she acts younger than me or as young as me.
    BUT, she is like the cool kid in youth group at church (I am Christian) I am going to be in it next year, she is friends with everyone my brothers said, and she wears really fashionable items, like a leather jacket.
    My brothers said she asked where I was when they got there (I FELT SOO HAPPY!) Most of my friends, act like they only hang with me because they are trying to be nice. But when I am not there with my brothers they always ask where I am! I
    I guess there isn't anything really to worry about in this one...
    I am too young, and I am terrible at running (a pretty good thrower though...) SO WHAT AM I GONNA DO? I did a 20-minute workout yesterday, I know it doesn't sound like that much, I did situps for ten minutes straight (My stomach still hurts.) Jumping jacks for 5 minutes straight, squats for 2 minutes straight, and I forgot what I did with the rest...
    I did do a 35sec plank (Proud of myself)
    At that time I lost 2 pounds.
    So yay me! I just need to get good at running (WHHHYYYY 😫😖😵)


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