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A honest diary of a teenager in quarantine April 12

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This is my diary in quarantine

    So this day was mixed. On one hand, I had a good day, on the other hand, it’s was hella exhausting. I worked on something I’ve been working on for like two weeks and it’s done tomorrow.
    Also, I had a huge fight with my parents and after that a mental breakdown.

    So I did cry a lot today and I almost had a panic attack today and I just hate it. I try a lot to stay calm and positive but right now I got a lot in my mind and my best friend seems to be mad at me and I don’t want to annoy them... so I guess I won’t text them anymore...
    I am just worried that I’ve done something wrong. That I talked a lot about myself and how I am. But the thing is, it’s just a sign that I trust these people. I would drown in my head if I didn’t talk about it. But people see it as something negative and toxic. I don’t know. I won’t change for these people. I changed for myself and I ask a lot how the other person is.
    Things are rough today

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178 days ago
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612 days ago
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