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Sexuality crisis

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My story till now (I still don't know)

    Hi, I'm Hannah

    I never thought anything of my sexuality until this year, when I started liking a good girlfriend of mine. After two weeks or so, I came to her and said: "I like a girl", and she was like: "That's great! Who is it?". I knew she would ask, but I never really thought of a good lie to tell:) so I was just like: "...it's you...". She was totally cool and told me it was really brave of me to tell her.
    After all of this, I thought "I'm bi" because I had been with a guy and I have had crushes on guys. But I didn't take in that I didn't care when a guy turned me down, that I wanted to break up with that one guy the first day I was with him (can you still follow it?) and that most of my guy-crushes were fictional characters.
    I realized I might not be bi, but I had already told my parents and a few friends I was (they were all totally fine by the way). It kind of hurts every time I think about it because I want things to be clear for me. I want to know what I am and just get this over with. All I know for now is that I'm either bi or gay (yes I know there are more sexualities but I've researched them and I'm pretty sure I'm not anything else) and that I'm obviously not alone.

    If you're confused too, don't worry about it. You'll figure it out.
    Love is love.

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18 days ago
I think I'm between Bi and Straight
101 days ago
its me i changed my name again lol its jamie srry im gay i figured it out its Rose
101 days ago
hi its me idk im gay but idk about you idk
117 days ago
im between gay and bi is there soemthing for that?
117 days ago
wow. this is good writing, and your friend was right, that takes nerve to come out like that. Very brave
139 days ago
Hiya I' know I gay as have had🕊with guys but cant and don't have anyone to talk to or gay friends I cant tell anyone I'm not ready myself yet keep trying to hope these intense thoughts go away I struggle daily with this feel so alone
194 days ago
Girl u okay u have a problem but i hope u figure it out -grae