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Bury Me in Your Memory

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I talk about my life, I guess. It's not that anything significant has happened so far, but at least a piece of me will stay on this planet when I die.

    Life wasn't easy from the beginning. I was the good-for-nothing, lousy, stupid kid everybody made fun of. My teachers had to pull me aside and find a way to save my devastatingly bad grades. My family was constantly fighting. I barely had any friends either. Things weren't looking good for me.

    So how did I end up being a straight-A student in the IB program, studying to be a psychologist?

    Let's start from the very, very beginning. Back to when I was just a small toddler. I've always loved drawing and making stories. When I grew up, I wanted to share my creations and inspire others.

    When I entered kindergarten, I was super friendly and talkative. I tried to be friends with everyone, but that didn't work out. As the years went by, I grew quieter and quieter. I was almost an entirely different person by the time I was in fourth grade.

    I was bullied for some time. It was mainly due to my lack of athletic ability and intelligence. People would talk behind my back or embarrass me in front of the whole class. Although I pretended not to listen, I could hear everything they said. I hated my life so much.

    The bullying gradually lessened after a while, but it never fully stopped until I entered junior high.

    I didn't want to be bullied again, so I tried to be more outgoing and funny. It worked. I even tried to get better grades by studying and doing all the assignments. My hard work paid off and I became top of the class.

    Hopefully, the rest of my life will be nice. All things come to an end, but I want to leave something behind. As Mitski says, bury me in your memory.

    There's so much more I'd like to say, but I'll just end it here. I just want to let you know that if you're currently in a rough situation like I was, I believe in you. Things won't improve right away, and that's fine. I wish the best for you. Perhaps, one day, I'll read your own story on this site.

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514 days ago
This is wonderful writing! I also wish you luck on your future, you're amazing! :D