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You think your life was hard?

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This fan fiction story is based on the hardships of being born into the Khmer people. I still have to do some today.

    Hardships back in Cambodia. One. Every morning you have to wake up before the sun rises and get ready to start your day. Two. You have to brush your hair until it could not be any more straight. Then you have to put your cloak over it. Three. You have to wear the traditional clothing that is provided by your parents that changes every day. Four. You must wash your feet then put on your sandals. Five. You must run to the fields with the other children and help garden until the sun is high, then you are given your mid-day meal. Six. You need to run back to your home and help clean, wash and hang up the clothing of your family to dry. Seven. You have to help your parents cook food, then you have to clean the house. Eight. You have to run to school when you are finished with your daily tasks. Nine. At school, which is at sunset, you write about things you did and what you plan to do the next day. And that is what you do every regular day.

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747 days ago
Sorry your right when I was abused, bullied through all the ways possible for 6 years ( its still going on ) , sexually assaulted and going through with depression and anxiety it really wasn’t as hard as this.

The police got involved for the abuse

The boy whk sexually assualted me was never punished

Im still being bullied to this day
Im being serious when i said they did all the kinds of bullying ( about 45 kids )