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Thanks for stopping by! This is about how weird life can be and kind of my back story for anyone who is wondering!

    7 years ago,
    I started dance classes with my friend.
    Before I knew it, here I am. Doing seven dance classes a week. The friend left. Isn't it odd how weird the world is?

    7 years ago,
    I hung out with two boys, Rhys and Joe.
    Before I knew it, here I am.
    With two guy friends once more. Isn't it odd how weird people are?

    7 years ago,
    I had no idea I wanted to have something to do with music.
    Before I knew it, here I am. Devoting my spare time to music and dance. Isn't it odd how things change?

    Yes, maybe I'm weird. Maybe I'm a geek. But at least I've lived life to the fullest.

    Thanks so much, guys for reading this:) I know they're not on this website but a big shout out to Joe (who I am no longer in contact with), Rhys (who I am still friends with), Ben, My girlfriends (Em, Roisin, Faith, Lilla), and finally to TRS, you mean the world to me and I don't know what I would've done without you. Thanks, guys xxx

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589 days ago
Hi this is the old Abby not the new abby so me the old Abby my name is Abby b till she leaves
589 days ago
Thankssss!!!!!!! :))
589 days ago
Nice. 👍
590 days ago
Hey Abby! :) @bi girl yeah same :/ especially if you record yourself singing lol but Ive always loved singing so I just went for it :D
590 days ago
Hi! Nice story I love music and singing but am embaressed of my voice
590 days ago
I like your story and enjoy reading it
590 days ago
Hi 👋