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Off my chest

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I'm going to get things off my chest about my crush and so tell me in the comments what to do and what to write next

    So... This is for my crush whenever he comes over to my house again (we're close friends) so this is what happened.

    We met in kindergarten, in the funniest way. We were on the swings next to each other, and he just asked me, hey, do you wanna be friends? Ever since that, we would play together for recess every single day, and then third grade happened. By that time I grew a big crush on him, and turns out, he was in a different class than me. He started just hanging out with boys and I was like, what the heck is up with him? Then in fourth grade, he continued to play with boys, even though we were in the same class. One day, we were in a relationship, so woot woot! The day before the last day of fourth grade was the saddest part. He told me he was going to a different school. I was so sad, and I ended up crying after school. We said our goodbyes the next day, and I have seen him once after that .just once.
    So let me confess...
    I really wished he would have stayed, and I really loved him. I miss him so so much!

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537 days ago
Well I knew someone and I'm pretty sure they liked me but I was the one to move away. I'm lesbian anyway so I only liked him as a friend.
560 days ago
and monkey! I just realised you did write it down and you did have the courage to open up not to him but to us ! Good for you!
560 days ago
reighla: i understand , and i want to give you advice.If you want you can reach me over my fanfiction per email, and then we can talk about it! Otherwise good luck!
560 days ago
hey monkey.Thanks for sharing yur story.I had something simoular , and here is what i do:
In fourth grade he left and wrote in my leaving book that he wold hope to see me again.The only thing was we were never in a relationship or did i say that i liked him.But sometimes i think about him. So this is what i do and this is what you can do:
There are really only 3 options:
1. try to forget cause it was only 4 grade
2. try to reach out to him if you can and just be friends
2.1.If you can reach out to him and have enough courage maybe try signaling or telling him that you like him...
3. tell a friend or write down how you feel, so just incase you will now how you felt before you where dating ( fingers crossed :)
I know these options arent great but i understand how you feel !
560 days ago
i like this one guy but three people like me and its really confusing i really need help with this like what do i say to the other three guys....and the one guy i like is only i see one time a day witch is at lunch and its embarrassing if i talk to him cuzz all his Friends just stare at me and i need help with this cuz i dont know what to do know