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Stupidest Things I've Ever Done

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This is a list of the stupidest things I've ever done throughout my life.

    I once pushed a door that specifically said “Pull”
    I said “Jesus Christ” in front of my very religious grandparents. Over FaceTime. While talking to my dad’s whole family. With my dad. (I was on a sugar high, and it was on New Year’s…) One time, I accidentally threw a ball over the fence, and I and my cousin had to go through the nettles to retrieve it, so we both got stung, my cousin more than me, then I stupidly splashed my cousin with water from my granny’s pool, while I was passing a ball to her, and we were sitting at the pool’s edge.
    I wore flip-flops on a walk in the woods with my cousins.
    I said to my friend ‘Can we now be flop fish?’ for no reason, I think I was meant to say friends, we were just after fighting, and my other friend, who heard me say it said, ‘Seriously?’
    I got freaked out over a rescue helicopter that I thought was a UFO when I was ten. Help me.
    I was at a sleepover at my friend’s house, and I went into the bathroom, and I brought my bag with me. My friend didn’t know I was menstruating, and I wanted to bring the bag with my “girl supplies” with me, but I didn’t want to bring it in and out from the bathroom in front of my friend, so I tried to make out I was stupid to do it, but overall the whole issue I felt stupid even doing it.
    I got scared of my friend’s dog and ran a whole mile out of her house to my granny’s, where I was staying, and screamed in front of the whole village as I ran.
    I farted in front of my friend and immediately blamed her for it. In class.
    Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed my “Stupidest Things I’ve Ever Done.’

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376 days ago
heh thats so stupid i am a playschool dropout i know more than that