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Blog 6: boys boys boys

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Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! This one is about being friends with boys and having relationships with them!

    Hey guys! Welcome back! Feel free to comment, as usual ;)

    Boys take over so many of our thoughts, it should be illegal. I've never hated them, though. Yes, they can act stupid and make you fall head over heels in love, but they actually make great friends. Trust me.
    The only annoying part is when people think you're dating.

    If you want guys to notice you, honestly, be yourself. Be confident (because you don't need any boys - ha!) and be friendly. I started to talking to this boy a couple of weeks ago and ever since he keeps staring at me....
    Anyway, boys can be a problem, but they're not as stupid as they let on.
    Look for things that you guys have in common (siblings, hobbies, what you watch etc) and start off a conversation. Like friendships and even if you're just talking, these things should be 50/50. That's if your friends or want something more. It shouldn't be "I started the last conversation, so now he should" or "yeah I like him, but I'm not going to ask him that's his problem"
    Trust me, I have a friend who would say these sorts of things, and they're still single.
    Do any boys stare at you? Are you having boy issues?

    So moral of the story, be confident, friendly and try to connect with them!
    Let me know how you get on!

    PS I'm sorry of the stupid time difference

    Girl going offline xxx

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49 days ago
51 days ago
Hey guys I'm going to start working on part 10 soon bc my comments are being weird again.
@xsunnyx cutting them out of your life is a good decision. If you can't get over them then you'll never find people who really care about you! 🙃
Thanks!!!! @pinkskies
51 days ago
I don't know if its just me but people who I have been friends with since the beginning of the school year are starting to ignore me and not really be friends with me. This always happens to me but i'm like always the forgotten one. I'm just standing there staring at the ground and my friends don't even realize i'm there, or they do but just ignore me, and wen I try to talk when there is a pause another person just starts talking and its really annoying because idk if I stop or just talk over them. I just let them talk and don't talk. I decided that if they can't bother talking to me and look up and notice how I have been standing there for 1o minutes then they aren't worth my time and are just toxic. I am starting to stop talking to them and be closer with the not toxic people in my life. I had a WIN (basically a block you can sign up with your friends to do whatever) and I am like besties and neighbors with this girl, lets call her Radish, and its like we are mean to each other for fun and she left so I took her spot when she left and this other lets call her Carrot, she was like 'I think Radish wanted to sit there' and I was like ' Its fine she can sit on the seat to the left' and she was like ' But I think she wanted to sit there though' and i said ' Its fine, we have a thing' and she said that like 5 times over the course of 10 minutes and she made it clear she would rather sit next to Radish than me, which is absolute rubbish since me and Carrot were friends since 3rd grade, like 4 years and I would comfort her in the bathroom stalls when she cried (which was often since she was sensitive) in 3rd grade and even like wasted lots on my lunch time to take walks and breaks with her around the school and there she was just wanting me to get my butt off Radish's chair who was a girl she met like 8 months ago. So I feel very betrayed by a lot of my friends so I am starting to cut them off and I don't know if this was a good move or not so if someone could give me advice I would really appreciate it. Also sorry it was so long lol
58 days ago
Love the blog
62 days ago
Okay for some reason, no comments are showing up at the moment but here is part 7 :)))