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I have no idea what my sexuality is

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I am a confused teen who’s trying to find her sexuality and need some opinions!

    I started questioning myself in March 2022. Since then, I have questioned if I was hi, on, les. Aro. Asexual and straight. I am 89% sure I am straight, but the 11% is so scared to be anything other. I do NOT want to be of the LGBTQ+ community, although you guys are great! But being something other than straight makes me unhappy. My entire life, I wanted to be with men and never saw myself with a Woman. But now I question if I can be happy with women AND men, or ONLY men, or ONLY women. I know deep down I am straight, but still can’t get it out. I am down to kiss a girl, and MAYBE make out/have sex with her. I don’t think I can date or marry a girl. With a guy, I will do anything, and am happy to continue. I do NOT want to like women. I don’t remember any crushes I’ve had on girls, and if I did, I was going. But I have liked 2 guys for sure and am still crushing on a guy right now. Please help me and give opinions.

    Why I think I might be bi:
    My sister is a bisexual, and she went through the same process as me. She said if I’m going through the same thing, I am most likely bisexual as well. But she also said she knew from the beginning she was bi, but wanted to deny it. I feel the opposite. I know I am straight, I am not denying anything. I don’t even know if I am comfy kissing a girl, let alone being bi. I am also confused because people say straight people don’t question themselves. An example of this is the fairy bi mother on TikTok, who tries to make everyone think they are bi. She even says finding the same gender is attractive. I’m straight, not blind Fairy Bi Mother. When I see lesbian kissing, I get this feeling in my stomach that feels nice but also doesn't. I feel the same sometimes seeing two guys kiss, but never feel it seeing a heterosexual couple kiss. I want to have a boyfriend so bad, but I sometimes and if I want a girlfriend as well. And I don’t WANT to have a girlfriend.

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166 days ago
You could be Omni
Omni-like all genders based on personality with a preference towards 1 gender
345 days ago
I'm going through something like that myself actually. I know I'm straight, and I think you are too, but recently I started having a big crush on this girl, so I've been questioning myself. I've never had anything like those feelings for another girl before, it's just this one. I think this is just a one time thing, but I don't really know. Now I loosely identify as straight, but honestly, I just don't think you should take labels too seriously. Especially when you're a teenager, those feelings are so mixed up, it's okay to be confused. My advice is just to date/hook up with whoever you want and not worry about gender or fitting into some "box". And definitely never let anyone tell you what you are, only you can know that. This is just my opinion, I hope you find it helpful.