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My bad breakup story.

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This how my ex-boyfriend broke up with me 💔

    I got a text, and it was my boyfriend and the text said. That he wanted to break up, and I remember I threw my phone and stared to cry 😖. When he came home he packed his stuff and I told him why he wanted to break up, but he didn't say anything then he left. I cried so much that day.
    I loved him so much 😔


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305 days ago
@Alexa. No i don't know why he broke up with me. I keep trying to text him why he broke up with me but he dosent respond.
306 days ago
Wow, do you know why? He can't just break up for no reason. Did you say something that was meant to be a joke, but he took it VERY much as an offensive statement?
316 days ago
This is not a way how to break up with someone!😡
331 days ago
Guys don't ever breakup over text.
331 days ago
So sad.