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Battle of the Fudge

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5 Chapter - 411 Words - Developed by: - Updated on: - 2,116 taken- The story is completed

Fudge is taking on the evil nougat in a crazy war. Read this story to find out who comes out triumphant in the end!

    Fudge was living peacefully in their own little wrappers in the small little store in the city. Nougat was living peacefully in their chocolaty shells. Then fudge starting making threatening choco-calls to nougat. "We will capture sir Nougat! Unless you give us your shells." said Mr. Fudge to Nougaty Delight. "No deal." argued Nougaty Delight. And then they went to war.

    "We'll get that fat guy in here to eat you guys if you don't give us your chocolaty shells!" said Captain Fudge. All of a sudden the little kids burst out of their plastic wrappers. "We want chocolate shells!" chanted a fudge child. Soon everyone was chanting along with the fudge child. Then Captain Fudge and his soldiers began running towards the nougat group.

    Captain Fudge actually merged with the Nougat man! Then fat guy came in. He ate Captain Fudge and Nougat man! "NO!" yelled everybody. Then Nougat Q. Charles started screaming. He ran and ran and hit 5 fudges with a giant, hard candy stick. Nougat was in the lead.

    Fudge M. All couldn't deal with his team losing. "BRING IT ON!" he yelled. Then HE started hurting nougats. 7 nougat fellows died. Fudge is now in the lead. "I will win this war." said an unknown voice, coming from a big plump purple thing. "I'm Plum. I'm healthy, unlike fudge and nougat." he said. He was about to bring in more fruit.

    Until fudge stopped him. Until nougat stopped him. "You will lose!" said both teams, to the plum. "Fudge, I know we've been through a lot, but together, we can destroy the fruit team." said nougat. "Yeah!" agreed fudge. So fudge and nougat did defeat fruit, and now they live peacefully together. The end!

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