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Point of No Return

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When the world comes to an end, there is only a few people left alive. What can one girl named Jadence and one boy named Kyle do to save everyone?

Kyle's grief grew as he stared across the desolate wasteland that was once a place known as Earth. The year was 2851, and the end of the world had come, just as predicted. There were very few survivors, and Kyle was one of them. But that didn't make much of a difference. Those that were left were either broken down in shock or sick and near death anyway. No one was at all worried about anyone else by then; their only concern was themselves.

In the distance, Kyle could still hear screams and moans of pain and loss: loved ones found dead. Belongings crushed to rubble. Only an arm left of a close friend.

Luckily, Kyle had escaped with only slight amnesia. He still couldn't quite remember how it all went down. It was all so unfair.

Sitting down on a slab of concrete jutting out of the floor of a crumbling building, Kyle tried as hard as he could to remember what had happened. He heard a crack coming from above him. As he looked up, he only had time to think, "Oh, crap." when bricks began to fall from the ceiling and on top of him.

Groaning, Kyle sat up groggily. How long had he been out? He checked his wristwatch. By some kind of miracle, it was still working. 5:15 P.M. He figured he'd been out for at least an hour.

Kyle gasped out loud as the memory from the day before started flooding back to him in bits and pieces: the newscaster announcing the megaquake predicted to rock the entire world, his mother yelling for him to hurry, tripping and scraping his knee, that building falling over with Dad still inside...

Kyle cringed. How could his father be dead? It couldn't be true. As much as he hated to admit it, it was true.

Kyle knew what he had to do now. His father's death filled him with a new kind of confidence. It was up to him to save those that were left, to make the world new again.

So that's chapter one. Chapter two coming soon to a www.allthetests.com near you!

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