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Point of No Return Part II

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Kyle decides on a plan to renew the world and sets off, beginning his journey.

Kyle was ready.
He had a plan: he would travel west to California, the source of the megaquake, where the damage was the worst. From there, he would gather allies who liked his plan to renew the world.
He had supplies: food, clothes, matches, a compass, a sleeping bag, a pocket knife. He figured that would be enough. He started walking.
About an hour into his long journey, Kyle began to feel hungry. He found a place to rest. Starting a fire, he cooked a hot dog. Then he heard a noise behind him. It sounded like whispering. "Hello?" he called out timidly. "Who's out there?" Three children came charging out of the trees and tackled him. "Food!" They screamed. "Hey!" Kyle yelled. "Get off me!" Kyle had one boy clawing at his ankles, trying to hold his legs down, a girl sitting on his chest, and another boy pulling at his arms in a attempt to strip his backpack away from him.
To his great surprise, they actually listened to him. "We just wanted some food," the girl said innocently. "Honest." "When the big earthquake happened and our mommy and daddy died," the younger boy started, "we had no one to take care of us. We got really hungry, and we just wanted something to eat." They looked like they were about to cry.
"Hey, it's okay," Kyle said in an attempt to soothe them. "Here." He pulled a sack of grapes out of his backpack. The children attacked like wild animals. In five minutes flat, they'd finished off the sack.
"If you want," Kyle said as they were finishing the last of them, "I can take you with me until we find someone who can take care of you properly." Their eyes grew. "You'd do that for us after we were so mean to you?" the older boy asked incredulously. "Sure," Kyle replied. "I'm Kyle. What's your names?" "I'm Sarah, and this is my twin, Cole," said the girl. "I'm Jacob," said the older boy. "Nice to meet you," Kyle said. "Let's get going. We've got a lot of walking to do."
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And that's part two. Part three coming soon!

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