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Pink is the Color of Revenge

2 Chapter - 409 Words - Developed by:
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Bellan has an extraordinary power. Or at least she thinks she does. When Gregory finds out that Bellan has this fantastic power, he decides it's up to him to stop the oncoming storm of a new era.

    My heart races as I glide through the halls. I can feel someone watching me, but I don't care. I know that if I can escape, I can find Mr. Elite and tell him that I have new information concerning the lost member. Heavy footsteps thud behind me. I jump as I realize I am trapped in a dead end at the end of the hall. I squint at the approaching character, my brain working up a frenzy. I was calculating every movement, every possible opportunity there was for escape. Slowly, the silhouette stepped into the light. Malachi.

    "Oh, it's you," I breathe a sigh of relief. Malachi stays stone cold, his beady gray eyes boring into the side of my head. I hold my breath as I wait for an answer. I shift a little to my right, and catch his eye. He's afraid. I slide towards him cautiously, one hand on my dagger hidden in the contents of my cloak. I creep towards Malachi's back and muffle my scream. A gash the size of a dragon egg was etched into his skin, the edges bleeding with pus and a foreign purple liquid. The smell is atrocious, even from my angle and have to keep myself from gagging. Shivers quake up the sides of the mark and I am caught in another whiff of the horrid stench. It's almost too much for me to bear. I run in the opposite direction, bile clogged in my throat. I swivel around and see that Malachi is no longer in my presence. Calling out, I find that it appears that there was no one there in the first place. I sprint to the door and rush out, carefully following the directions Mr. Elite gave me. I was running out of time.

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