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Stone Angels By The Lake (Doctor Who)

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Thirteen year old Azul was in for a big surprise when she went for a swim in the lake. Five stone angels were weeping into their hands, a blue box under water, and a strange man...

Azul Brown needed a break. She had been working nonstop the entire morning. Azul had been doing household chores. Her house was quite nice, small, with seven rooms. Her room was by far the smallest; it was about the size of a work office.
She had a really mean mother. Her mother, Mrs. Brown, word smack her if she said anything unacceptable, did not do her chores, did not finish her meal, and even if she complained.
"Azul! I am leaving for work. The house had better be spotless by the time that I get back, do you understand?" Mrs. Brown yelled.
Azul rolled her eyes. "Of course I understand, Mother. You tell me this every single time. It gets on my nerves a lot." But Mrs. Brown had already left. Then, Azul had an idea. She would go for a quick swim by the lake and be back in time to finish cleaning the house.
She quickly changed into her two piece dark blue swimsuit, grabbed a towel and flip-flops, and headed towards the lake on her red bike. Azul grinned the whole way. She absolutely loved swimming at the lake.
In no time at all, Azul saw the shimmering blue lake ahead of her and grinned. She peddled faster. Azul headed towards a clump of bushes to park her bike. Then, she threw her towel down and started towards the lake.
Suddenly, she froze in her tracks. There were five stone angels, all of them weeping into their hands. Azul was spooked. "When did you all get here?" Azul asked the angels. They didn't reply. Azul shrugged off her feeling of unease and lowered herself into the lake.
"This feels amazing!" Azul laughed. Some creepy statues weren't going to bother her. Azul dived down toward the bottom of the lake, and her eyes widened when she say a blue box sitting at the bottom of the lake.

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2231 days ago
What where is the rest
2408 days ago
At first I thought this was about me