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Ghost feeling

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I felt a ghost in this house

    So this is the story I saw a ghost in Tennessee. One day me and my family were stuck in this hotel since it was raining and the everything outside was all muddy.So my mom got bored and said she was going to hike up the mountain, and so we all got dressed and started to hike up the mountain we we got to the top it started to pour down rain.Me and my family were starting to get wet when we saw the abandon house like 3 yards away from were we were standing.Me and my family decided to go there for a place to dry.i begged not to go in because of how creepy it look, but I had no choice it was either get wet or stay dry.Anyway, so I was sitting down I in the wooden house that had dust and broken chairs and about like two rooms, so I was really scared so I decided to just sit still close to the door.Of course my brother and dad were laughing at me because they weren't scared. so my mom was taking pictures like crazy when she ran out the house screaming that's when a soft finger brushed across my arm and I ran out screaming then my mom said did you feel that to I said yes.then my dad and brother came out screaming and said let's go to the car get out of here so we ran to the car that's when my dad and brother said did you guys see that to we saw two ghost trying to hug us one a girl one a man and till this day we don't know who it is but it was a ghost

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1017 days ago
I really like ghosts and horror stuff so yeah I wouldn’t be scared
1800 days ago
im excited to read it!