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Lucy stood on the street in front of a building, triple-checking that the address, the name, all matched the words her secretary had written down for her earlier that morning. "4895 Guild Street…Magnolia Books" she read aloud. Everything matched, but Lucy still had a hard time believing this was the place she had her secretary cancel all her meetings for. It was a small two-story house constructed with fading red brick. The front door was painted green, but most of the paint was peeling away from the wood. There were three windows facing the street, two on the second level, framed by pale, fading white shutters, and the one on the first level that took up most of the exterior wall. Yet, the four gold numbers that hung on the door matched the address she was given, as did the name scrawled on the window situated to the left of the door. It looked so out of place compared to the sleek modern skyscrapers that surrounded it. She knew New York City was home to many "hole-in-the-wall" places, but this store just seemed unbelievable. Shaking her head in disbelief, Lucy climbed the four stairs to the door and went inside.

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