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Vampire High school

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Welcome! How can I greet you?

    I was sleeping in my new classy dorm room at this great gothic high school. I slept on a comfy pretty bed in my chic pyjamas, dreaming about making a new friend. That's when in the morning, some pretty girl in the chic uniform said "Wake up, Chloe! Wake up!". I was so freaked out. Maybe this school is quite freaky, by the fact we are blood-sucking vampires who are different and unique to any normal human. Who is she? And how did she find out my name? I rolled my eyes at her, stating that she was an evil girl in rotten lip gloss and plastic surgery.

    I woke up and threw on my school clothes. Then, the girl introduced herself. "I'm Lily, and I'll be your guide here, " she said. OMG! And the fact she knew me was because I was actually a vampire celeb!

    I must have been worried about her for starters because she looked like one of those pretty girls who are secretly monsters who enjoy ruining people's lives. But she wasn't one of them. She was a grade 11 student, who had a rep for throwing some great and awesome parties.

    I got out of the dorm and came on a beautiful campus that looked like the secretary of Wilson's backyard! I was so happy to study my graded exams here. I looked through my handbook and schedule, and everyone looked so smart and mature, including Lily's friends. We became BFFs and always hanging out together as if we were role models.

    We got to our first lesson, English. Lily and her friends (including me!) started bullying a student who was very rude to us. He was called Leo, and was a nasty horrible snitch who was very nerdy.

    It was lunchtime and ate the yummy food in the cafeteria. Lily was sitting next to me with a bunch of her BFFs. I was the 9th person there because there were nine seats at each table. Leo came over with a spare seat, but Lily called him a nerd, and I joined in.

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1876 days ago
Wow! You should make a novel for this! I would soooooooo buy it and more for my BFFs! PLEASE PLEASE PLAESE MAKE MORE OF THIS I CANT GET ENOUGH!!!!!!