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Christelis Snowstorm Kaliberda the ll

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Please read my story! I'm open to any criticism, for this narrative is due this Friday and I need to know any mistakes I did that I missed or anything that is a bad thing. Please help me get a good grade on my story

Christelis Snowstorm Kaliberda the ll

That’s a pretty long name isn’t it? Yeah, that's right, my name is Christelis Snowstorm Kaliberda the ll, and I am the daughter of the Ice queen and king of the kingdom of Icelandia. And I absolutely HATE it. I don’t know how all the princesses and princes before me could stand it! Every single day I have lessons about history, my royal ancestors, royal etiquette, how to lead, how to use my Ice powers, and about a billion other things! Practically the only time I have to myself is the thirty minutes I have before I go to bed. I honestly think I’m gonna go insane from boredom! The only thing I actually want to learn about is the outside world. I mean, hey, if you were being forced to live in one place for your whole entire life, you’d be curious about the outside world too. I want to learn and experience things like other types of climates instead of snow, and different insects and animals, and this thing called technology that humans created that I can’t even begin to wrap my head around! But sadly, my parents has forbidden anyone from going outside our little ice island because they believe that if any human finds out about us and our unique powers and attributes, they’ll start capturing us and experimenting and dissecting us. But I don’t care, I’ll find a way to escape this kingdom, and learn more about the world.

The spark of a journey

I trudged along the Icy floor of the palace, my figure bowed and my crystal blue silk dress sliding on the ground behind me, and my matching heels clicking on the ground. Ugh, thank GOD this is the last lesson I’m having for today, I’m so worn out I think I could fall asleep on the floor in two seconds. Not to mention my feet are killing me! I mean who even invented heels? They’re practically torture devices for your feet. Finally, I passed through the entrance of the ice castle and gave a curt nod to the Ice guards at the sides of the entrance, who saluted me in return with their free hand, which wasn’t holding a deadly spiky icicle like their other hand.
“Ahh, I love the crisp fresh air” I whispered as I closed my eyes in pleasure and spread my arms in the air, as I felt the refreshing -6 degree cold wind hit my bare skin and make my long wavy white hair fly wildly behind me. I walked for around seven more minutes in the snow and finally reached the empty space that was the training ground. My fatigue was forgotten as I remembered that practicing my powers is actually pretty fun.
“Ah, my star student” My professor greeted me with a warm smile, his usual clipboard and pencil in hand. I returned the smile, he has been my closest companion and friend for my whole life, I honestly consider him more like a father to me than anything. I took off my dress and kicked off my heels to reveal a white tank top and leggings. I sighed in relief as my feet were released from the tight confine of the heels and felt the fresh snow beneath me.
“So what will we learn today professor?” I asked cheerfully, “will it be shooting icicles, or freezing water in the air?” I said, as I lifted my arms and protruded swirling snow from my fingertips. My professor laughed and shook his head in wonder,
“You're always so excited to learn new powers, ” he mused out loud.
“Well obviously!” I exclaimed, putting my hands on my hips “You’d be excited too if you were cooped up in that ice prison called a castle all day and a bunch of lessons being shoved down your throat for eight hours, this is practically the only class where I can have fun and be free.” I said merrily, as I twirled around in place. Then I stopped spinning as I began to mull over what’s been happening to me in the past few years, “Wait, why can’t I have time to myself anymore professor?” I questioned, “When I was six, I learned lessons like this but I also had time for myself, like one hour before lessons started, and four hours after to have fun, why can’t we have that system anymore?” I put forward.
He sighed, “Christelis, we’ve been over this already, change is preparing you to be a great leader” He reasoned, his face lined with concern.
“But I don’t want to be a leader!” my pent up anger that I didn’t even know I collected over the past few years started leaking at this very moment. “What If I don’t want to lead this stupid kingdom? What if I just want to be free and do what I want?”
“Christelis calm down-” He tried, but it was no use, I was too deep in my head.
“Do you know that there’s a whole world out there?” I seethed, “Do you know there are other climates and animals and insects, and so much things out there, and we are all just cooped up here like chickens, never to learn and experience it? Doesn’t that make you angry?” I questioned. “Aren’t you curious for what’s out there?”
“Yes, ” He sighed, his face forming a tied look “I do sometimes wonder, but then I’m quickly reminded that this way has our best intentions in mind. Christelis, humans are everywhere, and they are evil beings that with the first chance they get, will hunt us down, cage us in bars, and experiment and dissect us.
“Where’s your proof?” I asked stubbornly.
“History is my proof, ” He said gravely, “I don’t want to get into details, but they did this in the past, and they’ll do it again.”
As I pondered this is my head, I soon began to realize just how disrespectful I was being, I was getting angry at him for something that isn’t even his fault.
“Oh professor I’m sorry for my sudden outburst, you don’t deserve this, it won’t happen again.” I apologized as I closed my eyes and hanged my head in shame.
“Oh it’s alright, I completely understand how you’re feeling, ” He said gently.
“Now let’s start our lesson shall we?”

“So, in order to accomplish this new trick, you must have an immense amount of balance and concentration, ” My professor informed me, “Here, I’ll demonstrate.” I watched curiously as he kicked of his shoes, than stood stock still and took a deep breath. His feet started turning a paler shade than the rest of his body, a sign that you’re concentrating your power in a specific part of your body. Then he stepped lightly onto the water with his right foot. Quickly a circle of ice has formed under his foot. Then he moved his other foot in front of him, before I knew it he was speed walking across the water with ease. I laughed in disbelief.
“Okay let me try!” I called. I closed my eyes and focused as much power as I could in my feet. The familiar light prickly sensation in my feet told me that I had accomplished this.
“Ah, I see you got the part of putting your power into your feet” He praised as he stepped back next to me. “but that, and freezing the water is the easy part. The hard part is-”
Too eager to learn this power, I didn't wait for the rest of his sentence as I took one step into the water.
“Look I’m doing it!” I cried joyfully as a circle of ice was forming under my right foot. I tried to take a step with my left foot when the circle of ice tipped over and I was plunged in the water. Sputtering out water I pulled myself up next to him, grumbling at my predicament.
“And that is exactly why you wait for my instructions.” he scolded, and then burst into laughter.
“Hey! Stop laughing at me.” I cried, but I couldn’t help but break into a fits of laughter myself.
Finally after many times of getting dunked into the water, I actually started getting the hang of it. Soon enough I was practically running across the water.
“Wow, I’m completely baffled at how quickly you have got the hang of this! It is amazing that you are only fourteen years old and can still accomplish this.” He exclaimed as he watched me quickly leave circles of ice behind me. I beamed in his praise, but not for long as I thought about what I was gonna do with this new power.
“Well, it’s getting dark already, I should be getting to bed.” I said softly as I stepped back onto solid land, looking up into the darkening sky, which was beginning to show the beautiful green, pinks, and purples of the aurora. As we walked silently back to the kingdom, we could see the many large igloos containing my citizens, and no activity was taking place as everyone was getting ready to sleep. Passing through the castle walls and stopping at the entrance of my palace. Long silence.
“Well? Aren’t you going in?” He questioned.
“Umm, yeah, it’s just… “ I sighed, slumping my shoulders “I’ll miss you” I said, looking up at him. His face was completely bewildered.
“Christelis.. I’ll miss you too, but we’ll see each other again tomorrow, won’t we?” he inquired.
“Yeah, we will” I said with a sad smile, then hugged him tightly, then without waiting for a response I stepped into the palace walking lightly towards my room. My mind was lost in thought at what I’m planning. This may be the last time I see my professor, for I am escaping this wretched island, more like a prison than a home, and I will experience the world outside and no one can stop me.

My escape

I looked out the window of my room, its window pushed open, and the cooling night air sweeping the transparent drapes up in the air. My heart pounded. I have been thinking of escaping for the longest of time now, but only now have I put the plan in action. But I know it’s the right thing to do. Practically my whole life has been just lessons. No friends, no fun, and definitely no time with my parents. If i’m gonna be treated like this, then this kingdom can do without me. I thought determinedly. But what if this all goes wrong? What if I miscalculated the distance between the nearest land and my island? No, such thoughts are poison. I must banish these thoughts if I am too think clearly on my expedition. I pushed open the door to my room, and quietly stepped to the nearest storage room. It is crucial that no one catches me in my escape, my parents are off doing whatever king and queens do, like they’ve done my whole life, I thought bitterly, so I won’t have to worry about them. Noiselessly opening the door to the storage room, I snatched the nearest coil of rope ladder. Then walking back to my room, I uncoiled the rope ladder, throwing the bottom of it over the window, and then I tied the end of the rope to the leg of my bed.

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