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Vampire High School: Day 2

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Chloe's second day at Vampire High School.

    I stood in the yard, waiting for Lily to come up. In fact, she did! She talked about her clique of CCPs and said that her selfie club would replace the science club. A selfie club was so much more fun than a
    stupid science club.

    I went to class. Lily had found out that the science club was going to be killed, due to them just having weird stuff, nothing like fun at all. Lily and her friends had a hate on science class, and I agreed. Science was so boring I could just delete it, but then I'd get the credit for a grudge on science.

    I went to see how the club was going, then I got the stuff out. We had to have the girls bathed, then get their hair dry, then hand out the clothes.

    I got some towels from the dorm showers, then I fixed the baths. I grabbed some phones from the phone shop, then went to Fashion R Us to grab a polka dot skirt and gothic dress.

    I made some posters, then put them everywhere. I hired a boy to put ones in the boys only rooms, and loads of girls and boys signed up to look after us girls and boys who were going to take selfies. I even got some mirrors to let the girls practise duck faces in the waiting room, and chairs from the Teacher's Lounge to let the girls sit down.

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723 days ago
You're a dork diaries fan. I can tell.