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The twins

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About two twins who hates each other and on sister turns evil and the other battles her to make her good again. They are princesses who never attended high school or any school before

Lauren's point of view

" Lauren" Laurie said. "Can you come here please". "Sure thing little sis " I said. I came into Laurie's room and said "what is it sis"? She told me that she hated me and that I always get in her way, and I shot back. I said "well, you wouldn't have to worry about me looking after you if you weren't so bad". She gasped blinking back some tears then left. I went back into my room and started talking to my magic mirror. "Mirror mirror in my room who will save us all from doom", I asked. The mirror said," you will Lauren". I asked to check on Laurie and she was back in her room putting on black lipstick, a black dress, black eyeshadow and black shoes.

Laurie's point of view

"Idk what I'm gonna do to Lauren" I said to my magic mirror." I know" I said, "I'll turn evil that way I can fight Lauren".

Author's point of view

This is my first time doing a fanfiction so I hope you like it chapter 2 will be out soon probably this Saturday so bye bye.

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68 days ago
awwwwwwwwww why ther no pt 2
so good rly good

ehh oki bye forever now'whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
997 days ago
I really don't mean to be rude or anything, because this was a really good fanfic, but it's pretty much the plot of The School for Good and Evil. . . was that intentional?
1400 days ago
I know this is kinda late but because of hurtful truthful comments like yours people have low self esteem. I just wanted to point that out because I will not be finishing this story ever but you could check out my 2nd fanfiction my love life to see how I did. You can criticise me all you want but it's not going to hurt me so I think I actually did good. It was my first fanfiction and you have to admit it,it's pretty good for my first time.
1426 days ago
I just wanted to point out, you did not spell 'I don't know' out all the way. I think that might be something you should do. Also, I didn't know if Laurie asked the same thing to HER Mirror and said she would save them from doom? You never explained it. Just some structural criticism for you,