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A new view of magic..... part 2

3 Chapter - 648 Words - Developed by:
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Just continue.... you know the story if you read part 1

    "It's not even a mirror!" Kaelyn exclaimed

    "It's called a mirror because it has a different world behind." Nancy explained."Now comes the fun bit." She said

    "AYA TIN TE KAOPEN VA KAG OONIGOI OTO TPEVO YIA TNU NIA LO OEPA JUETA" (It's in greek.. don't worry.. you'll come across more.)Orlean incanted "Now this mirror will take you to the train to SunValley. Kaelyn come here."

    Kaelyn picked her case and went to her dad.

    "Go through the mirror." He instructed.
    Kaelyn had a confused look. She went forward and touched the mirror and her hand went through, she immediately pulled it out. "Whoa!" She exclaimed.

    "Go in" her dad said "it is completely safe."

    This time she walked through. The mirror opened to a very large red room.

    She heard her dad's voice from far off. "Catch your train and get into your compartment, you may have to share it. I am sending the tickets with Kelson. Yeah and get out of the red room or you won't find any trains." She looked back at the small entrance she came from compared to the room. She kept staring at it till Kelson emerged from it.
    "Tickets?" She asked
    "Here" he gave her her ticket. They walked out to find a big station Kaelyn looked at her ticket and read it "Kaelyn Cunningham, Train 50310, Platform 7, Coach 5, Compartment 2 The red station of magic."

    She gestured Kelson to check his. He read his
    "Kelson Cunningham, Train 50310, Platform 7, Coach 5, Compartment 2, The Red Station for Magic."

    "Well luckily in the same compartment" Kaelyn said with a smile.
    "Well what time does it say?" She looked at it again "There's no time."
    Suddenly they were pulled by a strong force, a strong force that won't leave them, it pulled and pulled till it had consumed them completely.

    They were bought in a compartment. They were sat on seat, luggage on the headboard above. Coach moving, no doubt they were on a train. Soon a lady came. She had Gray hair and bright blue eyes. She was wearing Rim less glasses and she came up to the twins and spoke up
    "Welcome dears, this train will be at SunValley in 6 hours, I am your headmistress and train attendant Miss Parkers and you two are?"

    "I am Kelson and she is my sister Kaelyn"

    "Ohh.. Nancy and Orlean's children, good to finally meet you."

    "You knew our parents?" Kaelyn questioned

    "We were classmates!" Miss Parkers exclaimed

    "Wow" Kaelyn said

    "Well talks later, tickets please" she said

    They handed their tickets to her. But she didn't return it.

    "If you want food just press the red button and I will be here" she said pointing at a button below the window.

    "Have a safe ride" she said before she exited

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