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Darkest Days

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Authors Note
I have worked on this book for a few months. I wrote it all in school, because it was my only access to computers. I would like to thank my friends and family that inspired me and influenced me to keep going. I never though, being so young, I could write a book. Thanks to everyone around me, I could. Thank you for making me dreams come true.
Rose Royal

Chapter 1- The Surprise
I was running down the street, pass the field that was big enough to land a jet. The wind whipping through my blonde hair. Today was the day, the eclipse. The first one since one hundred years ago. I would only see one, and today was it. I ran into the observation chamber, the machine gears whirring as it lifted me up to the deck. Mother and Father were already there watching the sun.
“Wow that is beautiful!’’my mother said.
“It truly is dear.’’ father responded.
“How long is it going to last?’’ I asked impatiently.
“Only a few hours, then it’s gone for another hundred years.’’ father said.
I looked up at the sun.
“Reagan,’’ my mother scolded me “you know to wear your protective glasses.’’
I sighed and slipped on my glasses, the metal forming to my face. The sun started to disappear. The moon eventually took it’s place, and the backyard went dark. My mother gasped, my father stood in awe.
“Only a few minutes’’ I thought. I was wrong. Confusion swept over my face as the moon stayed, still, and standing the same.
“Mom?’’ I asked. “Why is it still there?’’
“ I….uh… don’t know dear.’’ she whispered, trying to sound confident.
We all made our way off of the observation deck and into the house. Mother turned on the port.
“ Breaking news the moon has stopped in it’s path of totality, causing the Earth to fall into a eternal darkness.’’ the broadcaster announced.
My mother gasped, her face turning slowly white. The port rang and she hesitated before answering it.
“This is Mrs. Doyan may I help you?’’ she said.
A man in a white coat appeared on the port.
“Yes, Mrs. Doyan we need your husband John Doyan to come into the base.’’
Father worked for NASA, and this was on his shoulders. My mother took a deep breath.
“Honey NASA wants you at the base!’’ mother said.
“I’ll be right there.’’ he says. He grabs the keys and runs out the door. His truck rumbles out of the driveway and pulls out of view.

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56 days ago
This is incredible! Great job!
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687 days ago
oh i just read the part by the title. I can't wait!!!!!!
687 days ago
wait..... who did she choose????
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1829 days ago
This is really good content for how young I think you are! I honestly don't know, maybe around my age. I'm coming out own, but like I think you know, it will take a while. I hope people will like it and I hope it will take people on a roller coaster of emotions. Anyways, keep up the good work my pizza is done. :)
1843 days ago
Thank you so, much!!!!!!!!!
1876 days ago
Hi this is the best book ive ever read!!!!!!!