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Endless Nights

12 Chapter - 4.547 Words - Developed by:
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Authors Note
I really enjoyed writing this book, mainly because of the love triangle. I know, I know you probably hate me for the cliffhanger; but it keeps people reading. I promise I will finish the third, and final, book as soon as I can. I might send short stories to keep you busy. I am thinking of an extra book, but it doesn’t relate entirely to the story. This might not happen, but maybe. I hope you enjoyed this book. I am thankful for so many supportive friends.

“MotherShip to all Quadrants. Hold position and do not fire.” Aires firm voice boomed over all speakers. “Steady. Now fly into Quadrant.” Aires commanded. I flew close wanting to show them my beautiful sleek, power.
“Hold, now fire.” Aires shouted. I was ready to pull the trigger. Ready to destroy the evil people that killed thousands. I hesitated as I saw something familiar. Something almost real. My weapons were set. I paused as I realized. I looked into the warm brown eyes of my father.
Chapter 1- Joy
I was coming at him with incredible speed. My jet ready to destroy, weapons ready to fire. I came to realization and pulled my jet up; barely missing the roof of the house. I landed in the field beside our house, and jumped out of the jet. I stumbled like a drunk, still trying to get used to gravity. I ran into my parents arms, tears streaming down my face.
“Reya, we missed you so much. We thought you were dead.” my mother said, through her sobs.
“I know, I missed you too.’’ I cried. Father asked me thousands of questions, so many I lost track of time. A buzz came from the radio.
“MotherShip to STARDUST. You ok down there Aquana?” Aires used my Element name to grab my attention. My father looked at me, his eyes wide.
“You're a Waterbender?” he asked.
“Yes, my name is Aquana Royanity of Moonopolis.” I said, proud to say my full name.
“I’m so proud of you.’’ he said. “Your royalty! You met Aires, how’s my old friend? Oh how is Electro, we were never good friends, but I still care about her?’’ My father ran to the jet, giddy with excitement.
“Aires is that you?” my father asked, even though he knew who it was.
“John? You’re alive! How is Michelle?” Aires voice was filled with excitement. They talked and talked. Reuniting like old friends would. I fired up the jet, and told mother and father to hop in. As we drove to meet Aires, a warmth filled my soul, something I haven’t felt in a while. Joy.

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108 days ago
This is incredible! Great job!
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738 days ago
oh i just read the part by the title. I can't wait!!!!!!
738 days ago
wait..... who did she choose????
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This is really good content for how young I think you are! I honestly don't know, maybe around my age. I'm coming out own, but like I think you know, it will take a while. I hope people will like it and I hope it will take people on a roller coaster of emotions. Anyways, keep up the good work my pizza is done. :)
1894 days ago
Thank you so, much!!!!!!!!!
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Hi this is the best book ive ever read!!!!!!!