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Zan Partizanne and Hyness go to Krispy Kreme.

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What it says in the title.

    It was a month before the galactic crisis. Hyness's life was perfect. He lived in a nice house. He had an amazing girlfriend. It was bliss. That fateful day, he asked Zan Partizanne if she would go on a date, to which she happily squealed. They settled on going to Krispy Kreme. After an hours drive, they made it. Hyness ordered one donut for him and one to share, while Zan ordered four donuts.

    'With my electric powers, I can shock away any excess flab.' she explained.

    When they shared the donut, they bit into it together, moving closer and closer until they were kissing. Little did they know that that was the last time they would have a nice moment together.

    'Franny! Berge!' Zan squealed to her sisters Francisca and Flamberge.

    'How was it, how was it, how was it!' said Francisca, who could barely hold in her excitement.

    'Boy, Zany, if I find out I didn't get a donut from you, I'm gonna be real mad!' said Flamberge.

    'Relax, you too. I brought three donuts, one for me, and one each for you two. As for how it was, well, it was wonderful! We kissed!'

    'Really?' asked Francisca in amazement.

    'I only have one problem though. He didn't comment, but, does my breath smell?

    'Lovely? Yes.' said Flamberge.

    'Unlike mine.' said Francisca proudly, sharing her fishy halitosis before her stomach growled.

    'That's a sign that we'd better get cracking with those donuts.' said Flamberge.

    The mages each popped a donut into their mouths and swallowed them whole. Flamberge belched.

    'Looks like I'm the first one!' said Flamberge.

    'Mine are better than yours!' said Francisca, starting a contest.

    'Come on Zany, join in!' said Francisca.

    'If I must.' muttered Zan Partizanne.

    Hyness woke up, remembering the events of the previous day. He remembered his girlfriend gorging on those donuts, he remembered the blissful kiss, he remembered her asking her sisters if she had halitosis. 'Of course not,' he thought.

    His thoughts were briefly interrupted by a loud rumbling sound. However, that turned out to have been Francisca's stomach. Before resuming his thoughts, however, he was interrupted again by the sound of maniacal laughter saying,

    'You are the perfect liberator. Only you can free me. If you do not comply, well, say goodbye to Zan Partizanne.'

    'I can't. I'm an honest man.' thought Hyness, trying to block out the thoughts. The voice rung in his ear all day and haunted his dreams at night.

    In the morning, Hyness awoke to the sound of two lances clashing together. Zan must be in danger. He had been warned. He knew that Zan Partizanne's life was at risk because of his actions. Why hadn't he listened?

    Upon closer inspection, the foe was Galacta Knight. Hyness had studied the puffball intently. He knew that while trying to protect his planet from an entity known as Void Termina, his power had run wild and he had destroyed Planet Popstar in the future. His power had constantly unleashed itself until he had sealed Void Termina inside the magical Jamba Heart. But by then, the damage had been done. He was sealed away in a crystal forever. This had driven him insane and so he battled whoever he first saw.

    Leave my girlfriend alone!' shouted Hyness, conjuring up his full power to banish Galacta Knight back to his cage.

    'I will send every monster in the world to kill your girlfriend unless you comply.'

    This came from a piece of the Jamba Heart. At this point, Hyness realised the voice. Void Termina.

    The Jamba Heart flashed premonitions of a hypothetical future, trying to scare Hyness. Unfortunately, it worked. He sobbed.

    'P-please leave me be!' he said to the Jamba Heart.

    The Heart disappeared in a puff of smoke.

    'In one month, your world perishes.'

    Things were disturbingly quiet. Hyness forgot the Heart's words. One month later, after a quadrillion burping contests (which Franny always won anyway), Zan Partizanne suggested a return trip to Krispy Kreme. Hyness accepted.

    On the way, however, a flying eyeball called Zero attacked them. One of his lasers hit Zan Partizanne, causing Hyness to break down crying.

    'Please. Let Zan always love me. Let her be happy. And I will join you.'

    Darkness filled his heart as Zan Partizanne woke up.

    'MUAHAHAHAHA! I, Hyness, shall revive our Dark Lord Void Termina before the day is done!'

    'Oh Hyness, you are funny, pretending to be a villain.'

    'Silence, tubby brat!' snarled Hyness.

    'Hyness, what's gotten into you?' asked Zan.

    'Nothing. I feel great as ever!' said Hyness. 'Or I did, until you shifted your bloated body into my view. I'm disgusted by you!'

    Zan cried and looked down at her stomach. Only now did she realise she was 16 stone. She always promised to burn the fat away, but was too lazy to do it. Zan was worried that Francisca's behaviour was rubbing off on her.

    But she still loved Hyness, she always would. That is why she signed the contract agreeing to be his loyal henchman. As Hyness had been a friend, the other sisters signed too.

    Hyness used his magic to locate the Jamba Heart piece that had teleported away. Eventually he got it, and headed off to the Divine Terminus (the core of his Jambandra Base created by magic).

    'When this goes in, our Dark Lord shall be revived once more. But for now, let's keep the townsfolk busy.'

    He did something crazy. He opened up the portal leading to Galacta Knight's cage.

    'Yes! Yes!' Hyness giggled with maniacal glee. 'Void Termina shall reawaken!'

    Suddenly, the Jamba Heart split into a thousand pieces. This wasn't the plan!

    3 months later, after the battle with Hyness:

    'You beat me, Kirby, but the Dark Lord will crush you into pink dough!'

    Hyness laughed, before throwing himself and the generals into Void Termina's body. At this point, Hyness remembered who he really was.

    'I'm...sorry.' he said weakly.

    The Jambastion Mages were amazed that this cold-hearted tyrant was apologising.

    'Sorry, Zany, Franny, and Berge. For everything I've done to you. When we survive this...'. Hyness blushed. 'Zan Partizanne, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. Will you marry me?'

    Zan squealed one last time. 'Yesyesyesyesyes!' she said.

    As they were spat out, Hyness said one last thing. 'Always remember, Zan Partizanne, I love you.'

    Authors Note: Sorry for any spoilers.

    Authors note: I do not own any of the characters. Also who else supports Hyness x Zan Partizanne?

    Thanks for reading!

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1106 days ago
Funny to read. Personally, I feel some things were not, uh...needed, necessarily. I also feel a couple of essential parts were skipped over, but that’s alright. Then ending wasn’t too bad. Only it probably needs to be updated since Heroes From Another Dimension. A solid 3/5
1826 days ago
Some of this was a bit confusing, but I think you did an overall good job. :)